Connie Carl at Rainbow Ranch

Connie Carl at Rainbow Ranch

By Joan Clark
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Connie Carl at Rainbow Ranch
  • CHAPTER I   A Homecoming for Connie
  • CHAPTER II   The Coming Rodeo
  • CHAPTER III   Bad News
  • CHAPTER IV   The Foreman’s Boast
  • CHAPTER V   Pop Bradshaw’s Treachery
  • CHAPTER VI   Kidnaping Catapult
  • CHAPTER VII   A Midnight Escapade
  • CHAPTER VIII   A Rescue
  • CHAPTER IX   Mr. Postil’s Offer
  • CHAPTER X   The Holdup
  • CHAPTER XI   Wrangling Dudes
  • CHAPTER XII   An Argument
  • CHAPTER XIII   Over the Precipice
  • CHAPTER XIV   A Telltale Handkerchief
  • CHAPTER XV   An Unpleasant Revelation
  • CHAPTER XVI   The Roundup
  • CHAPTER XVII   A Night Prowler
  • CHAPTER XVIII   Stampede
  • CHAPTER XIX   Turning the Herd
  • CHAPTER XX   The End of the Trail
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