The King's Daughters
Emily Sarah Holt
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The King's Daughters
Emily Sarah Holt
"The King's Daughters"
Chapter One.
Choosing a new gown.
Chapter Two.
Who took care of Cissy?
Chapter Three.
Chapter Four.
On the way to Thorpe.
Chapter Five.
In difficulties.
Chapter Six.
Rose asks a Favour.
Chapter Seven.
The Clouds begin to gather.
Chapter Eight.
Not a bit afeard.
Chapter Nine.
Come to the Preaching.
Chapter Ten.
Brought out, to be brought in.
Chapter Eleven.
Unexpected Lodgings.
Chapter Twelve.
Trying on the Armour.
Chapter Thirteen.
A Dark Night’s Errand.
Chapter Fourteen.
Stopped on the way.
Chapter Fifteen.
Silence under difficulties.
Chapter Sixteen.
The storm breaks.
Chapter Seventeen.
Rose hears the News.
Chapter Eighteen.
What befell some of them.
Chapter Nineteen.
“Father’s come too!”
Chapter Twenty.
Led to the Slaughter.
Chapter Twenty One.
Before the Commissioners.
Chapter Twenty Two.
Gently handled.
Chapter Twenty Three.
Chapter Twenty Four.
Rose’s fiery ordeal.
Chapter Twenty Five.
In Colchester Castle.
Chapter Twenty Six.
Shutting the door.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
At the Bar.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
The song of triumph.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
Man proposes.
Chapter Thirty.
“They won’t make me!”
Chapter Thirty One.
Sumptuous apartments.
Chapter Thirty Two.
“Ready! Ay, Ready!”
Chapter Thirty Three.
How they went home.
Chapter Thirty Four.
Dorothy takes a message.
Chapter Thirty Five.
Nobody left for Cissy.
Chapter Thirty Six.
Into the Lion’s Mouth.
Chapter Thirty Seven.
Chapter Thirty Eight.
Filling the ranks.
Chapter Thirty Nine.
The last martyrdom.
Chapter Forty.
God save the Queen!
Chapter Forty One.
A blessed day.
Chapter Forty Two.
What they found at the King’s Head.
The End.
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