Tales of the Sun or Folklore of Southern India

Tales of the Sun or Folklore of Southern India

By Pandit Natesa Sastri, Mrs. Howard Kingscote
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Preface.
  • Contents.
  • Introduction.
  • Folklore in Southern India.
  • I.
  • The Story of the Three Deaf Men.
  • II.
  • Why Brâhmaṇs cannot eat in the Dark.
  • III.
  • The Soothsayer’s Son.
  • IV.
  • Raṇavîrasiṅg.
  • V.
  • “Charity Alone Conquers.”
  • VI.
  • Vidâmundan Kodâmundan.
  • Mr. Won’t-Give and Mr. Won’t-Leave.
  • VII.
  • Vayalvallan Kaiyavalla.
  • Mr. Mighty-of-his-Mouth and Mr. Mighty-of-his-Hands.
  • VIII.
  • The Mother-in-Law became an Ass.
  • IX.
  • The Story of Appayya.1
  • X.
  • The Brâhmiṇ Girl that Married a Tiger.
  • XI.
  • The Good Husband and the Bad Wife.
  • XII.
  • The Good Wife and the Bad Husband.1
  • XIII.
  • The Lost Camel and Other Tales.
    • First Part.
    • XIII.
    • The Three Calamities.
    • XIII.
    • Second Part.
    • Story of the Honest but Rash Hunter and His Faithful Dog.
    • XIII.
    • Third Part.
    • Story of the Brâhmaṇ’s Wife and the Mungoose.
    • Story of the Faithless Wife and the Ungrateful Blind Man.
    • XIII.
    • Fourth Part.
    • Story of the Wonderful Mango Fruit.
    • XIII.
    • Fifth Part.
    • Story of the Poisoned Food.
    • “Eating up the Protector.”10
  • XIV.
  • The Monkey with the Tom-Tom.1
  • XV.
  • Pride Goeth Before a Fall.
  • XVI.
  • Good Will Grow Out of Good.
  • XVII.
  • Light Makes Prosperity.
  • XVIII.
  • Chandralêkhâ and the Eight Robbers.
  • XIX.
  • The Conquest of Fate.
  • XX.
  • The Brâhmaṇ Priest who became an Amildâr.1
  • XXI.
  • The Gardener’s Cunning Wife.
  • XXII.
  • Keep it for the Beggar.
  • XXIII.
  • Good Luck to the Lucky One; Or, Shall I Fall Down?
  • XXIV.
  • Retaliation—Palikkuppali.
  • XXV.
  • The Beggar and the Five Muffins.
  • XXVI.
  • The Brahmarâkshas and the Hair.
  • Notes
    • Notes to XIII.—First Part.
    • Notes to XIII.—The Second Part.
    • Notes to XIII.—The Third Part.
    • Notes to XIII.—The Fourth Part.
    • Notes to XIII.—The Fifth Part.
  • Colophon
    • Availability
    • Encoding
    • Revision History
    • External References
    • Corrections
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