Songs of Inspiration and Hope

Songs of Inspiration and Hope

By Henry Elijah Clarke
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Book Description

The content of this book is based on songs and poems that he was inspired to write as he sought the Lord on a daily basis.

The book is divided into three (3) sections which gives glimpses of Henry Elijah Clarke under different headings:

- Part 1 – Henry the Writer and Singer
- Part 2 – Henry the Farmer
- Part 3 - Henry the Poet

Henry Elijah Clarke was born in Kilmarnock, a small district in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.
As a young man he was seen as the Village Reporter as he would submit articles about his community to the Daily Gleaner, which was the main newspaper. From an early age he had the desire to write and he was very good at penmanship.
Over the years he wrote sporadically due to his work commitments. However after his retirement in 1999, he was able to vigorously pursue his childhood passion. That year also he experienced a personal relationship with God and the first song he wrote was entitled, “Christ Solid Love.” This was written in commemoration of the opening of a new United Church in Mineral Heights, Jamaica. This was the beginning of what became his writing and singing career. Every song he wrote had his own unique music.
When I discovered my father’s potential to be a writer, singer and poet, I decided to compile his writings into a manuscript and promised him that one day I would publish his book. He couldn’t wait to see his book become a reality. However, he passed away September 10, 2009 and I was now more determined to publish this book in his memory.
Daddy, your songs and poems will forever live in the hearts of many and bring them inspiration and hope.

Compiled by Claudette D. Bacchas

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