Eskimo Folk-Tales

Eskimo Folk-Tales

By Unknown
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Eskimo Folk-Tales
  • Collected by Knud Rasmussen Edited and rendered into English by W. Worster With illustrations by native Eskimo artists
  • Gyldendal 11 Burleigh St., Covent Garden, London, W.C. 2 Copenhagen Christiania 1921
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Illustrations
  • Eskimo Folk-Tales
  • The Two Friends Who Set Off to Travel Round the World
  • The Coming of Men, A Long, Long While Ago
  • Nukúnguasik, Who Escaped from the Tupilak1
  • Qujâvârssuk
  • Kúnigseq
  • The Woman Who Had a Bear As a Foster-Son
  • Ímarasugssuaq, Who Ate His Wives
  • Qalagánguasê, Who Passed to the Land of Ghosts
  • Isigâligârssik
  • The Insects that Wooed a Wifeless Man
  • The Very Obstinate Man
  • The Dwarfs
  • The Boy from the Bottom of the Sea, Who Frightened the People of the House to Death
  • The Raven and the Goose
  • When the Ravens Could Speak
  • Makíte
  • Asalôq
  • Ukaleq
  • Íkardlítuarssuk
  • The Raven Who Wanted a Wife
  • The Man Who Took a Vixen to Wife
  • The Great Bear
  • The Man Who Became a Star
  • The Woman with the Iron Tail
  • How the Fog Came
  • The Man Who Avenged the Widows
  • The Man Who Went Out to Search for His Son
  • Atungait, Who Went A-Wandering
  • Kumagdlak and the Living Arrows
  • The Giant Dog
  • The Inland-Dwellers of Etah
  • The Man Who Stabbed His Wife in the Leg
  • The Soul that Lived in the Bodies of All Beasts
  • Papik, Who Killed His Wife’s Brother
  • Pâtussorssuaq, Who Killed His Uncle
  • The Men Who Changed Wives
  • Artuk, Who Did All Forbidden Things
  • The Thunder Spirits
  • Nerrivik
  • The Wife Who Lied
  • Kâgssagssuk, The Homeless Boy Who Became a Strong Man
  • Qasiagssaq, The Great Liar
  • The Eagle and the Whale
  • The Two Little Outcasts
  • Atdlarneq, The Great Glutton
  • Ángángŭjuk
  • Âtârssuaq
  • Puagssuaq
  • Tungujuluk and Saunikoq
  • Anarteq
  • The Guillemot that Could Talk
  • Kánagssuaq
  • Colophon
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    • Encoding
    • Revision History
    • External References
    • Corrections
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