The Works of Sir Thomas Browne, Volume 2

By Sir Thomas Browne
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • THE THIRD BOOK—continued
  • CHAPTER XI Of Griffins.
  • CHAPTER XII Of the Phœnix.
  • CHAPTER XIII Of Frogs, Toads, and Toad-stone.
  • CHAPTER XIV Of the Salamander.
  • CHAPTER XV Of the Amphisbæna.
  • CHAPTER XVI Of the Viper.
  • CHAPTER XVII Of Hares.
  • CHAPTER XVIII Of Moles, or Molls.
  • CHAPTER XIX Of Lampries.
  • CHAPTER XX Of Snayls.
  • CHAPTER XXI Of the Chameleon.
  • CHAPTER XXII Of the Ostrich.
  • CHAPTER XXIII Of Unicorns Horn.
  • CHAPTER XXIV That all Animals of the Land, are in their kind in the Sea.
  • CHAPTER XXVI Of Sperma-Ceti, and the Sperma-Ceti Whale.
  • CHAPTER XXVIII Of some others.
  • THE FOURTH BOOK Of many popular and received Tenents concerning Man, which examined, prove either false or dubious.
  • CHAPTER I Of the Erectness of Man.
  • CHAPTER II Of the Heart.
  • CHAPTER III Of Pleurisies.
  • CHAPTER IV Of the Ring-finger.
  • CHAPTER V Of the right and left Hand.
  • CHAPTER VI Of Swimming and Floating.
  • CHAPTER VII Concerning Weight.
  • CHAPTER VIII Of the passage of Meat and Drink.
  • CHAPTER IX Of Sneezing.
  • CHAPTER X Of the Jews.
  • CHAPTER XI Of Pigmies.
  • CHAPTER XII Of the great Climacterical year, that is, Sixty three.
  • CHAPTER XIII Of the Canicular or Dog daies.
  • THE FIFTH BOOK Of many things questionable as they are commonly described in Pictures.
  • CHAPTER I Of the Picture of the Pelecan.
  • CHAPTER II Of the Picture of Dolphins.
  • CHAPTER III Of the Picture of a Grashopper.
  • CHAPTER IV Of the Picture of the Serpent tempting Eve.
  • CHAPTER V Of the Picture of Adam and Eve with Navels.
  • CHAPTER VI Of the Pictures of Eastern Nations, and the Jews at their Feasts, especially our Saviour at the Passover.
  • CHAPTER VII Of the Picture of our Saviour with long hair.
  • CHAPTER VIII Of the Picture of Abraham sacrificing Isaac.
  • CHAPTER IX Of the Picture of Moses with horns.
  • CHAPTER X Of the Scutcheons of the Tribes of Israel.
  • CHAPTER XI Of the Pictures of the Sibyls.
  • CHAPTER XII Of the Picture describing the death of Cleopatra.
  • CHAPTER XIII Of the Pictures of the Nine Worthies.
  • CHAPTER XIV Of the Picture of Jephthah sacryficing his daughter.
  • CHAPTER XV Of the Picture of John the Baptist.
  • CHAPTER XVI Of the Picture of St. Christopher.
  • CHAPTER XVII Of the Picture of St. George.
  • CHAPTER XVIII Of the Picture of Jerom.
  • CHAPTER XIX Of the Pictures of Mermaids, Unicorns, and some others.
  • CHAPTER XX Of the Hieroglyphical Pictures of the Egyptians.
  • CHAPTER XXI Of the Picture of Haman hanged.
  • CHAPTER XXII Compendiously of many questionable Customs, Opinions, Pictures, Practices, and Popular Observations.
  • CHAPTER XXIII Of some others.
  • THE SIXTH BOOK Of sundry common opinions Cosmographical and Historical
  • CHAPTER VII Of East, and West.
  • CHAPTER VIII Of the River Nilus.
  • CHAPTER IX Of the Red Sea.
  • CHAPTER X Of the Blackness of Negroes.
  • CHAPTER XI Of the same.
  • CHAPTER XII A Digression concerning Blackness.
  • CHAPTER XIII Of Gypsies.
  • CHAPTER XIV Of some others.
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