Natural Wonders
Edwin Tenney Brewster
Natural Wonders
I How the Chicken Gets Inside the Egg
II Some Other Sorts of Eggs
III Little Fishes In The Brook
IV Of Plants’ Eggs
V What Little Boys and Girls are Made Of
VI More About Living Bricks
VII How Much of Us Is Alive
VIII How We Grow
IX How We Grow Up
X How We Grow Old
XI Why We Grow At All
XII Things That Do Not Have To Be Learned
XIII Why We Like Certain Things
XIV Animals’ Games
XV Some Instincts of Chicks and Kittens
XVI Certain Stupidities of Animals
XVII How We Differ From The Animals
XVIII Something More About Speech and Thinking
XIX Why Most Of Us Are Right-Handed
XX Where We Do Our Thinking
XXI Where Some Of The Animals Do Their Thinking
XXII What Plants Know
XXIII What Plants Can Do
XXIV Some Plant-Like Doings Of Animals
XXV The Five Senses and The Other Five
XXVII Seeing and Believing
XXVIII Some Other Senses
XXIX The Sight and Hearing Of Ants
XXX Ants’ Noses
XXXI Some Other Eyes and Ears
XXXII Having Senses and Using Them
XXXIII Seeing In The Mind’s Eye
XXXIV Ear Minds and Others
XXXV Living Automobiles
XXXVI Air and Fuel
XXXVII Men In Glass Boxes
XXXVIII Of Sugar and Other Poisons
XXXIX Snake Venoms and Others
XL Of Measles and Rusty Nails
XLI The Great War
XLII More About The Great War
XLIII Living Apothecary Shops
XLIV What Becomes Of The Tadpole’s Tail
XLV Nature’s Repair Shop
XLVI Little Monsters
XLVII How The Animals Keep Their Tools Sharp
XLVIII Why The Blood Is Salt
XLIX Horses’ Fingers
L How The Elephant Got His Trunk
LI Something Nobody Understands
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