Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders

By Edwin Tenney Brewster
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • I How the Chicken Gets Inside the Egg
  • II Some Other Sorts of Eggs
  • III Little Fishes In The Brook
  • IV Of Plants’ Eggs
  • V What Little Boys and Girls are Made Of
  • VI More About Living Bricks
  • VII How Much of Us Is Alive
  • VIII How We Grow
  • IX How We Grow Up
  • X How We Grow Old
  • XI Why We Grow At All
  • XII Things That Do Not Have To Be Learned
  • XIII Why We Like Certain Things
  • XIV Animals’ Games
  • XV Some Instincts of Chicks and Kittens
  • XVI Certain Stupidities of Animals
  • XVII How We Differ From The Animals
  • XVIII Something More About Speech and Thinking
  • XIX Why Most Of Us Are Right-Handed
  • XX Where We Do Our Thinking
  • XXI Where Some Of The Animals Do Their Thinking
  • XXII What Plants Know
  • XXIII What Plants Can Do
  • XXIV Some Plant-Like Doings Of Animals
  • XXV The Five Senses and The Other Five
  • XXVI Eyes
  • XXVII Seeing and Believing
  • XXVIII Some Other Senses
  • XXIX The Sight and Hearing Of Ants
  • XXX Ants’ Noses
  • XXXI Some Other Eyes and Ears
  • XXXII Having Senses and Using Them
  • XXXIII Seeing In The Mind’s Eye
  • XXXIV Ear Minds and Others
  • XXXV Living Automobiles
  • XXXVI Air and Fuel
  • XXXVII Men In Glass Boxes
  • XXXVIII Of Sugar and Other Poisons
  • XXXIX Snake Venoms and Others
  • XL Of Measles and Rusty Nails
  • XLI The Great War
  • XLII More About The Great War
  • XLIII Living Apothecary Shops
  • XLIV What Becomes Of The Tadpole’s Tail
  • XLV Nature’s Repair Shop
  • XLVI Little Monsters
  • XLVII How The Animals Keep Their Tools Sharp
  • XLVIII Why The Blood Is Salt
  • XLIX Horses’ Fingers
  • L How The Elephant Got His Trunk
  • LI Something Nobody Understands
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