Laos Folk-Lore of Farther India

Laos Folk-Lore of Farther India

By Katherine Neville Fleeson
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations.
  • I Tales of the Jungle
    • A Child of The Woods
    • The Enchanted Mountain
    • The Spirit-Guarded Cave
    • The Mountain Spirits and the Stone Mortars
  • II Fables From the Forest
    • Right and Might
    • Why the Lip of the Elephant Droops
    • How a Dead Tiger Killed the Princess
    • The Monkeys and the Crabs
  • III Nature’s Riddles and Their Answers
    • The Man in the Moon
    • The Origin of Lightning
    • Why the Parrot and the Minor Bird but Echo the Words of Man
    • The Fatherless Birds
  • IV Romance and Tragedy
    • The Lovers’ Leap
    • The Faithful Husband9
    • The Faithful Wife
    • An Unexpected Issue
  • V Temples and Priests
    • The Giants’ Mountain and the Temple
    • Cheating the Priest
    • The Disappointed Priest
    • The Greedy Priest
    • The Ambitious Priest
  • VI Moderation and Greed
    • The Wizard and the Beggar
    • A Covetous Neighbor
    • A Lazy Man’s Plot15
    • The Ungrateful Fisherman
    • The Legend of the Rice
  • VII Parables and Proverbs
    • “One Woman in Deceit and Craft is More Than a Match for Eight Men”
    • “The Wisest Man of a Small Village is Not Equal in Wisdom to a Boy of the City Streets”
    • “To Aid Beast is Merit; To Aid Man is but Vanity”17
  • VIII The Gods Know and the Gods Reward
    • Love’s Secrets
    • Poison-Mouth
    • Strife and Peace
    • The Widow’s Punishment
    • Honesty Rewarded
    • The Justice of In Ta Pome
  • IX Wonders of Wisdom
    • The Words of Untold Value
    • A Wise Philosopher
    • The Boys Who Were Not Appreciated
    • The Magic Well
  • X Strange Fortunes of Strange People
    • The Fortunes of Ai Powlo
    • The Fortunes of a Lazy Beggar
    • The Misfortunes of Paw Yan
    • An Unfortunate Shot
  • XI Stories Gone Astray
    • The Blind Man
    • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
    • The Great Boaster
    • A Clever Thief
    • Eyeless-Needle, Rotten-Egg, Rotten-Banana, Old-Fish and Broken-Pestle.
    • For Work Among Children
    • The Home and Children
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