I, Mary MacLane A Diary of Human Days

I, Mary MacLane A Diary of Human Days

By Mary MacLane
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • I, Mary MacLane: A Diary of Human Days
  • Contents
  • A crucible of my own making
  • Half inevitably, half by choice
  • A twisted moral
  • Everyday and to-morrow
  • A mathematic dead-wall
  • My neat blue chair
  • A lost person
  • A thin damnedness
  • A prison of self
  • A winding sheet
  • The Dover road
  • The harp of worn strings
  • A strongly-windy Saturday
  • A someway separate individual
  • Sincerity and despair
  • It’s not death
  • A human prerogative
  • The merciless beauty
  • My shoes
  • An eerie quality
  • A helliad
  • Swift go my days
  • To express me
  • Bastard lacy valentines
  • Sweet fine sweatings of blood
  • Instinct—a ‘first law’
  • Loose twos
  • Knitting or plaiting straw
  • A life-long lonely word
  • Their voices
  • My damns
  • To God, care of the whistling winds
  • A working diaphragm
  • Lot’s wife
  • My echoing footsteps
  • A comfortably vicious person
  • In my black dress and my still room
  • Their little shoes
  • The sleep of the dead
  • Stickily mad
  • God compensates me
  • The strange braveness
  • Just beneath my skin
  • God’s kindly caprice
  • A fascinating creature
  • No resonance
  • Black-browed Wednesdays
  • The conscious analyst
  • Eye when I mean tooth
  • A wild mare
  • The mist
  • A white liner
  • Beneficent bedlam
  • A deathly pathos
  • The necklace
  • Slyly garbling and cross-purposing
  • Not quite voilà-tout
  • A damned spider
  • To wander and hang and float about
  • A thousand kisses
  • A fluttering-moth wish
  • Twenty inches of ajarness
  • A profoundly delicious idea
  • A mountebank’s cloak
  • A familiar sharp twist
  • A dark bright fierce fire
  • Late afternoon
  • An ancient witch-light
  • The gray-purple
  • The subdivided cell
  • Food and fire
  • The edge of mist-and-silver
  • A right shape and size
  • Ice-water, corrosive acid and human breath
  • Rhythm
  • A prayer-feeling
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