Hints to Pilgrims

Hints to Pilgrims

By Charles S. (Charles Stephen) Brooks
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Hints to Pilgrims
  • Contents.
    • Hints to Pilgrims.
    • I Plan a Vacation.
    • At a Toy-Shop Window.
    • Sic Transit—
    • The Posture of Authors.
    • After-Dinner Pleasantries.
    • Little Candles.
    • A Visit to a Poet.
    • Autumn Days.
    • On Finding a Plot.
    • Circus Days.
    • In Praise of a Lawn-Mower.
    • On Dropping Off to Sleep.
    • Who Was Jeremy?
    • A Chapter for Children.
    • The Crowded Curb.
    • A Corner for Echoes.
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