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OCR A Level Chemistry Student Book 2
Mike Smith, John Older
OCR A Level Chemistry Student Book 2
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Exam Board: OCR
Level: A-level
Subject: Chemistry
First Teaching: September 2015
First Exam: June 2017

This is an OCR endorsed resource
Stretch and challenge your students' knowledge and understanding of Chemistry, build their mathematical and practical skills, and provide plenty of assessment guidance with this OCR Year 2 Student Book.
- Build understanding with a summary of prior knowledge and diagnostic questions at the start of each chapter to help bring students up to speed
- Support practical assessment with Practical Skill summaries that help develop your students' knowledge and skills
- Test understanding and provide plenty of practice to assess progression, with Test Yourself Questions and multiple choice questions
- Provide mathematical support with examples of method integrated throughout and a dedicated 'Maths in Chemistry' chapter
- Develop understanding with free online access to Test yourself Answers, an Extended Glossary, Learning Outcomes and Topic Summaries

Title Page
Get the most from this book
The questions in this book
Module 5 Physical chemistry and transition elements
Chapter 1 How fast? Rates of reaction
Chapter 2 How far? Equilibrium
Chapter 3 Acids, bases and buffers
Chapter 4 Enthalpy, entropy and free energy
Chapter 5 Redox and electrode potentials
Chapter 6 Transition elements and qualitative analysis
Module 6 Organic chemistry and analysis
Chapter 7 Benzene and aromatic compounds
Chapter 8 Carbonyl compounds
Chapter 9 Carboxylic acids and derivatives
Chapter 10 Nitrogen compounds
Chapter 11 Polymers
Chapter 12 Organic synthesis
Chapter 13 Analysis
Chapter 14 Maths in chemistry
Free online resources
The Periodic Table of the Elements
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