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CEM 11+ Mathematics Practice Papers
David E Hanson
Science & Math
CEM 11+ Mathematics Practice Papers
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Exam Board: ISEB
Level: 11 Plus
Subject: Maths
First Teaching: September 2015
First Exam: Autumn 2016

Brand new for 2016, these practice exam papers prepare children for the most challenging pre-tests and 11 plus independent school examinations. Nine levelled exam papers with a total of 184 questions are designed to test pupil's ability across all mathematical topics:

- there are four training tests, which include some simpler questions and slower timing designed to develop confidence
- four tests in the style of pre-tests, ISEB and short-format CEM in terms of difficulty, speed and question variation
- one test in the style of the longer format GL/bespoke tests in multiple choice question format

The papers will develop and perfect exam technique, and will teach pupils to improve their response rates with timed papers. Pupils will ...

- become familiar with the way long-format 11 plus tests are presented
- build exam-room confidence by practising with a variety of exam paper styles
- work with the most challenging question set

The brand new 11 plus and pre-test range has been constructed to help pupils follow a three step revision journey ..

Step 1) 11 Plus Maths Revision Guide

Step 2) Practice Papers
11 Plus Maths Practice Papers 1
11 Plus Maths Practice Papers 2

Step 3) Workbooks
10-Minute Maths Tests Workbook Age 8-10
10-Minute Maths Tests Workbook Age 9-11
Mental Arithmetic Workbook Age 8-10
Mental Arithmetic Workbook Age 9-11

Title Page
Contents and progress record
How to use this book
Preparing for each paper
Paper 1 Foundation level
Number and calculations
Applying maths
Fractions, proportions and percentages
Handling data
Paper 2 Standard level
Applying maths
Measures, shape and space
Number and calculations
Paper 3 Standard level
Fractions, proportions and percentages
Handling data
Number and calculations
Applying maths
Paper 4 Advanced level
Number and calculations
Measures, shape and space
Applying maths
Handling data
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