Hodder Education
WJEC/Eduqas Law A Level: Second Edition
Sara Davies, Karen Phillips, Louisa Draper-Walters
WJEC/Eduqas Law A Level: Second Edition
US$ 61.19
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Written by experienced Law teachers and examiners, this comprehensive student book has been revised and updated to reflect the latest changes in the law. With up-to-date case examples, extensive exam support and a variety of useful features, it offers high quality support for the WJEC and Eduqas A Level Law courses.
- Designed for both the WJEC and Eduqas specifications, each topic is mapped to the relevant specifications for quick reference and easy navigation.
- Covers all the content of the AS and A Level courses in a single student-friendly book.
- Includes comprehensive exam support, with updated exam questions supported by detailed guidance and answers available online.
- A variety of features, including Grade Boost, Key Cases and Stretch and Challenge activities encourage students to think critically and help develop their knowledge and understanding and ability to analyse.
- An Exam practice and technique section provides advice and guidance on how to revise and helps develop the skills needed for the exams.

Title Page
1 The Nature of Law
1 Law making
2 Law reform
3 Delegated legislation
4 Statutory interpretation
5 Judicial precedent
6 Civil courts
7 Criminal process: Structure and sentencing
8 Criminal process: Juries
9 Legal personnel
10 Access to justice and funding
2 The Law of Tort
11 Rules of tort
12 Liability in negligence
13 Torts connected to land
14 Vicarious liability
15 Occupiers’ liability
16 Defences: Tort
17 Remedies: Tort
3 Human Rights Law
18 Rules, theory and protection of human rights law
19 Specific provisions within the European Court of Human Rights
20 Restrictions of the European Court of Human Rights
21 The debate relating to the protection of human rights in the UK
4 Contract Law
22 Rules and theory of the law of contract
23 Essential requirements of a contract
24 Express and implied terms
25 Misrepresentation and economic duress
26 Discharge of a contract
27 Remedies
5 Criminal Law
28 Rules and theory of criminal law
29 General elements of criminal liability
30 Offences against the person
31 Property offences
32 Capacity defences
33 Preliminary offences of attempt
Case index
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