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Words That Win: How to win the debates that matter
Lewis Iwu
Words That Win: How to win the debates that matter
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An insider's guide for students and teachers on how to debate, ranging from how to deliver speeches confidently in a large room to how to respond to arguments effectively. The final section of the book will argue why this activity is important for every child to take part - for social mobility, democratic and economic reasons. Throughout the book, Lewis (a former world university debating champion and a world championship winning coach with England) will draw from examples from his 10 years of experience coaching debates in over 11 countries

About the author
Chapter One: What is competitive debating?
Chapter Two: Winning the preparation room
Chapter Three: The role of strategic thinking
Chapter Four: The anatomy of an argument
Chapter Five: Proposing cases
Chapter Six: Opposing cases
Chapter Seven: The art of rebuttal
Chapter Eight: Developing an engaging speaking style
Chapter Nine: Points of information and interventions
Chapter Ten: Great openers and closers
Chapter Eleven: Framing debates
Chapter Twelve: The positive and winning mentality
Chapter Thirteen: Why this matters for society
Concluding thoughts
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