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Reframing Education: Radically rethinking perspectives on education in the light of research
Mike Murray
Reframing Education: Radically rethinking perspectives on education in the light of research
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Mike Murray's excellent new book attacks the narrow high stakes accountability and marketized vision which has distorted our education system, the fragmentation of education thinking into warring camps and silos and offers a radical optimistic vision of how we can emerge from the current impasse.Perfect for teachers or school leaders who want to engage with research and move the education system in a radical future direction.

About the Author
Reframing Education: radically rethinking perspectives on education in the light of research
Reframing Data: from data-driven madness to an evidence-informed practice
Reframing Growth Mindset: growth is not enough, but it might be a start
Reframing Purpose: a human and sustainable education
Reframing Knowledge: beyond dog whistle dichotomy, towards knowledge, dialogue and performance
Reframing Thinking: a balance of slow depth and fast performance
Reframing Creativity: bounded by knowledge, discipline and practice; allowed play, experimentation, disruption and redrafting
Reframing History: knowledge, power and performance
Reframing Privilege: should private schools become genuine charities? Let’s trickle down cultural advantage!
Reframing Gender: encouraging positive masculinity and empowered girls
Reframing Disadvantage: how can we best bridge the social class divide in education?
Reframing the system: ten recommendations and frames for a renewed education system
Evidence-informed practice
Growth through mastery
School Purpose
Sustainability: Kate Raworth
Trivium: knowledge, dialogue and performance
Deeper thinking
Improve cultural capital and exchange
Reduce labelling and work for a positive cycle of improvement
Professional learning
Four articles to start a journal club with...
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