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Whose History: Essays in Perception
Caroline Ellwood
Whose History: Essays in Perception
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Today, more than ever, students and teachers should be better able to address questions of perspective with more original sources at their fingertips. Whose History? raises and addresses important questions about how history is perceived, not only through aspects of historiography but by teachers deciding how and what to teach in this modern world. A wide range of respected contributors with a vast experience in education cover topics such as: Coming to terms with the past: Germany's changing view of the Second World War; Dangerous interpretations in post conflict history teaching; and Is the past such a foreign country? Rediscovering history as a way to understanding the micropolitics of the present. Contributors include: Dinos Aristidou; Richard Caston; Dr Richard Caffyn; Dr Rebecca Conway; Malcolm Davis; Dr Caroline Ellwood; Terry Haywood; Dr Walther Hetzer; Jack Higginson; Dr Siva Kumari; Roger Moorhouse; Professor Olukoya Ogen; Dr Malcolm Pritchard; Dr Rauni Rasanen; Paul Regan

Part one: Whose history? Of historians and history
Whose history? Whose language?
Whose history? Whose nation?
Whose history? My history
Whose history? Whose sources?
Whose history? Whose evidence? Whose guilt?
Whose history? Coming to terms with the past
Whose history? Whose painting?
Part two: Whose history do we teach?
Whose history? Whose culture?
Whose history? Whose nation?
The Cambridge approach to supporting history instruction and assessment in schools
Dangerous interpretations in post conflict history teaching
Past present: drama and theatre strategies for bringing the past to life in the history classroom
Whose methodology? Chronology versus theme
Teaching history in a globalised world: the challenge of diversity in Finnish education and teacher education
Whose history? Is the past such a foreign country?
Epilogue: The teacher’s role
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