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Reading Planet KS2 - Treasure Island - Level 4: Earth/Grey band
John Dougherty, William Owl
Reading Planet KS2 - Treasure Island - Level 4: Earth/Grey band
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After discovering a long-lost pirate treasure map, Jim Hawkins finds himself on a sea-faring adventure. But when Jim overhears Long John Silver's plan to steal the pirate gold for himself, the voyage takes a dangerous turn. Whose side will Jim take when he arrives on Treasure Island? And will anyone make it home alive?

Treasure Island is part of the Reading Planet range of books for Stars (Lime) to Supernova (Red+) band. Children aged 7-11 will be inspired to love reading through the gripping stories and fascinating information books created by top authors. Reading Planet books have been carefully levelled to support children in becoming fluent and confident readers. Each book features useful notes and questions to support reading at home and develop comprehension skills.
Reading age: 8-9 years

1: The Old Pirate
2: The Sea Cook
3: My Shore Adventure
4: The Log House
5: My Sea Adventure
6: Captain Silver
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