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Unleashing Greatness – a strategy for school improvement
David Hopkins
Unleashing Greatness – a strategy for school improvement
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There is a paradox at the heart of contemporary school improvement and system change in education. Why is it that despite the phenomenal increase in our recent knowledge about what works in schooling, standards still lag behind expectations and school level performance is far too variable? Unleashing Greatness addresses this paradox and concludes that, unless we focus unrelentingly on the quality of teaching in both our small and large-scale reform efforts, current practice will never meet society's expectations.

Unleashing Greatness is a compilation of David Hopkins' writing into one concise manual to provide an eight-step strategy for unleashing greatness. Introducing a rational and conceptual framework for pedagogic improvement that has the potential for generating an increasingly specific language for teaching and learning, this book significantly aids consistency and precision in the quest for both excellence and equity for all students.

Written for 'school improvement activists', particularly those who work in laboratory schools or who wish to emulate that ethos and way of working, the author himself has located his professional practice for over forty years, as well as this book, in the middle of that triangle bounded by the vertices of practice, research and policy.

Title Page
Part 1: The school improvement imperative
Chapter 1: Why school improvement?
•   A personal introduction
•   A brief history of educational change and school improvement
•   Yet debates still rage
•   On considering myths and proposing theories of action
•   Building capacity for the next stage of reform
•   Coda: Transformation and paradigm shifts
Chapter 2: The Unleashing Greatness framework
•   Introduction: Edmonds’ Dictum
•   A generic model for school improvement
•   The Unleashing Greatness framework
•   The planning phase
•   The action phase
•   Where to start
•   Coda: Beginning the journey
Part 2: All the moving parts
Chapter 3: The story is always about moral purpose (and strategic action)
•   Introduction: On the importance of narrative
•   Moral purpose and school improvement
•   Unleashing Greatness model of school improvement
•   School development planning that highlights the ‘non-negotiables’ and distinguishes between maintenance and development
•   Differential reform and the school improvement pathway
•   Coda: Moral purpose and building the narrative
Chapter 4: The instructional core and personalised learning
•   Introduction: The nature of professional practice
•   Instructional core and whole-school theories of action
•   Curriculum development and fertile questions
•   Learning skills and metacognition
•   Personalised learning
•   Coda: Classroom practice
Chapter 5: Pedagogy
•   Introduction: The myth that teaching is art or science
•   A framework for teaching
•   Instructional rounds
•   The six theories of action for teachers
•   Models of teaching
•   Coda: Generating a language for teaching and learning
Chapter 6: Staff development and networking
•   Introduction: The importance of professional learning
•   Intrinsic motivation and implementation
•   The professional learning imperative
•   Coaching and peer coaching
•   Networking for school improvement
•   Coda: Building the professional learning infrastructure
Part 3: Moving to scale
Chapter 7: Leadership
•   Introduction: Paradoxical combination
•   The field of educational leadership
•   An emerging model of instructional leadership
•   Adaptive and strategic leadership
•   System leadership
•   Coda: Realising instructional leadership
Chapter 8: Systemic reform
•   Introduction: Coherent system design
•   System level reform
•   The role of the middle tier and segmentation
•   The laboratory school and unleashing greatness
•   School improvement networks in New South Wales
•   Coda: Towards emancipation
A personal epilogue: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood
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