Discourses of Keidansky

Discourses of Keidansky

By Bernard G. Richards
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Note
  • Introductory
  • Contents
  • I Keidansky Decides to Leave the Social Problem Unsolved for the Present
  • II He Defends the Holy Sabbath
  • III Sometimes He is a Zionist
  • IV Art for Tolstoy's Sake
  • V "Three Stages of the Game"
  • VI "The Badness of a Good Man"
  • VII "The Goodness of a Bad Man"
  • VIII "The Feminine Traits of Men"
  • IX The Value of Ignorance
  • X Days of Atonement
  • XI Why the World Is Growing Better
  • XII Home, the Last Resort
  • XIII A Jewish Jester
  • XIV What Constitutes the Jew?
  • XV The Tragedy of Humor
  • XVI The Immorality of Principles
  • XVII The Exile of the Earnest
  • XVIII Why Social Reformers Should Be Abolished
  • XIX Buying a Book in Salem Street
  • XX The Purpose of Immoral Plays
  • XXI The Poet and the Problem
  • XXII "My Vacation on the East Side"
  • XXIII Our Rivals in Fiction
  • XXIV On Enjoying One's Own Writings
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