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Martha Maps It Out In Time
Leigh Hodgkinson
Martha Maps It Out In Time
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Martha LOVES making maps!
Step back in time with Martha's amazing maps, packed with cool facts and fun details. She meets dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and ancient sea creatures as she travels all the way back to the beginning of time . . . and forwards to some of the fantastical things the future might bring! Martha learns on her time-travelling adventure that time never stops - and so she resolves to enjoy each tiny little bit of it.
This is an inspiring, informative, and joyful exploration of the concept of time and the incredible history of our universe. Leigh Hodgkinson's stunning collage-style illustrations bring the STEM concepts to life in a fun and accessible way that will be sure to spark children's curiosity.
Join curious and creative Martha and her sidekick Space Monkey on their second adventure, following on from the bestselling Martha Maps It Out.

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