Arif Jameel
Utho Ghar Chalo Chand Sachhi Baqi Sab Kahaniyan
Arif Jameel
Literature & Fiction
Utho Ghar Chalo Chand Sachhi Baqi Sab Kahaniyan
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This is the third e-book by Arif Jameel, containing 44 stories, some of which are true while others are fictional. Out of these, 23 stories were published in the daily Dunya, and 21 stories were published on the Hamari website. The importance of storytelling is unquestionable, as it provides valuable lessons.

Arif Jameel has joined the ranks of storytellers by skillfully narrating the events he has witnessed. His writing style is simple, yet his characters come to life with vividness and impact. His carefully crafted sentences add depth to his stories, and his profound understanding and keen observation shine through his work. He possesses the art of effectively conveying his messages to the readers, thanks to his deep subject knowledge, genuine interest, and expertise. Furthermore, a touch of mild humor adds an attractive element to his stories.

Arif Jameel has dedicated significant effort to making his true stories engaging and beautiful. While his stories may lack technicality, his writing reflects a profound understanding of the art of storytelling. He successfully connects with his readers and effectively conveys his intended messages.

By Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmed Samdani

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