Arif Jameel
ICC World Test Championship 2019–2021
Arif Jameel
Sports & Outdoors
ICC World Test Championship 2019–2021
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This is the Urdu e-book on the "ICC World Cricket Test Championship 2019-2021"🏏🏏🏏. It is "Cricket Test inaugural Edition" , comprising 38 insightful chapters. Authored by Arif Jameel, the

book meticulously chronicles the rules and regulations governing the first-ever two-year edition of the

"ICC World Test Championship." From the initiation of each match to in-depth analyses, commentaries

on the series, exploration of new records, and the unforeseen interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – Arif Jameel covers it all. The narrative extends to the resumption of the championship under precautionary measures and culminates in New Zealand's historic victory over India, securing the World Test Championship.

Concluding the inaugural edition, the e-book delves into memories from 2019-2021, providing a comprehensive summary and previewing the second edition of the ICC World Cricket Test Championship 2021-23 in last three chapters. Arif Jameel's meticulous attention to detail ensures that even the minutest aspects of the 2019-2021 championship are presented in this book. Readers seeking rich and well-researched material on this subject will find a wealth of information.

Arif Jameel's 5th e-book and 🏏🏏🏏2nd on cricket is enriched further by the foreword written by Dr. Rais Ahmed Samdani. Dr. Samdani's articulate style and scholarly approach to every subject reflect his commitment to imparting knowledge selflessly. Additionally, the renowned sports analyst of Pakistan, Abdul Sattar Hashmi, contributes to the book's depth with his Izhar-e-Kheyal, while Asif Bilal, owing to his literary connection with Arif Jameel, adds a special touch to the content.🏏🏏🏏

By Amel Aamer

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