Arif Jameel
ICC World Test Championship 2021–2023
Arif Jameel
Sports & Outdoors
ICC World Test Championship 2021–2023
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👓👓 Arif Jameel has followed up his e-book on the ICC World Cricket Test Championship 2019–2021 with another insightful work on the second edition of the championship, covering the period from 2021 to 2023. This marks his 3rd book on cricket and his 7th e-book overall. The continuity and matches of this cricket championship proved to be even more captivating.

During the Test Championship from 2019 to 2021, the outbreak of the Corona-Covid-19 pandemic caused interruptions, leading to changes in a few Test series. Despite the challenges and necessary precautions, the championship persevered. However, the Test Championship 2021-2023 unfolded with remarkable success, as all participating teams endeavored to represent their countries with distinction.

In this e-book, Jameel meticulously recounts all the test matches of the second edition of the World Cricket Test Championship, providing important news, events, and brief analyses. The championship's final saw Australia face off against the runner-up of the previous edition, India. Once again, India faced defeat as Australia claimed the championship title.

All the articles from this championship were also published on the website "Urdu Point" and some in the daily 92 news. Thus, certain articles contain the latest information. Jameel has meticulously edited and arranged this e-book in Urdu, comprising 50 chapters. Notably, the foreword has been penned by a renowned sports analyst, Abdul Sattar Hashmi, adding further credibility to this comprehensive account.

While paying tribute to Arif's legacy, Asif Bilal, Fahd Shabbir, and Dr. Shaukat Salman made special remarks about his keenness and valuable contribution to the Test cricket format.

With these two e-books, Jameel has possibly created the only Urdu-language resources dedicated to the Test Championships, solidifying his contribution to cricket literature in the Urdu-speaking world.👓👓

By Amel Aamer

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