Hegel's Philosophy of Mind

By Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Preface.
  • Five Introductory Essays In Psychology And Ethics.
    • Essay I. On The Scope Of A Philosophy Of Mind.
      • (i.) Philosophy and its Parts.
      • (ii.) Mind and Morals.
      • (iii.) Religion and Philosophy.
      • (iv.) Mind or Spirit.
    • Essay II. Aims And Methods Of Psychology.
      • (i.) Psychology as a Science and as a Part of Philosophy.
      • (ii.) Herbart.
      • (iii.) The Faculty-Psychology and its Critics.
      • (iv.) Methods and Problems of Psychology.
    • Essay III. On Some Psychological Aspects Of Ethics.
      • (i.) Psychology and Epistemology.
      • (ii.) Kant, Fichte, and Hegel.
      • (iii.) Psychology in Ethics.
      • (iv.) An Excursus on Greek Ethics.
    • Essay IV. Psycho-Genesis.
      • (i.) Primitive Sensibility.
      • (ii.) Anomalies of Psychical Life.
      • (iii.) The Development of Inner Freedom.
    • Essay V. Ethics And Politics.
      • (i.) Hegel as a Political Critic.
      • (ii.) The Ethics and Religion of the State.
  • Introduction.
    • What Mind (or Spirit) is.
    • Subdivision.
  • Section I. Mind Subjective.
    • Sub-Section A. Anthropology. The Soul.
      • (a) The Physical Soul119.
        • (α) Physical Qualities120.
        • (β) Physical Alterations.
        • (γ) Sensibility121.
      • (b) The Feeling Soul.—(Soul as Sentiency.)122
        • (α) The Feeling Soul in its Immediacy.
        • (β) Self-feeling (Sense of Self)124.
        • (γ) Habit125.
      • (c) The Actual Soul.126
    • Sub-Section B. Phenomenology Of Mind. Consciousness.
      • (a) Consciousness Proper127.
        • (α) Sensuous consciousness.
        • (β) Sense-perception128.
        • (γ) The Intellect129.
      • (b) Self-consciousness130.
        • (α) Appetite or Instinctive Desire131.
        • (β) Self-consciousness Recognitive132.
        • (γ) Universal Self-consciousness.
      • (c) Reason133.
    • Sub-Section C. Psychology. Mind134.
      • (a) Theoretical mind.
        • (α) Intuition (Intelligent Perception)136.
        • (β) Representation (or Mental Idea)137.
        • (γ) Thinking144.
      • (b) Mind Practical145.
        • (α) Practical Sense or Feeling146.
        • (β) The Impulses and Choice147.
        • (γ) Happiness148.
      • Free Mind149.
  • Section II. Mind Objective.
    • Distribution.
    • Sub-Section A. Law.152
      • (a) Property.
      • (b) Contract.
      • (c) Right versus Wrong.
    • Sub-Section B. The Morality Of Conscience155.
      • a. Purpose156.
      • b. Intention and Welfare159.
      • c. Goodness and Wickedness160.
    • Sub-Section C. The Moral Life, Or Social Ethics161.
      • AA. The Family.
      • BB. Civil Society162.
        • a. The System of Wants163.
        • b. Administration of Justice164.
        • c. Police and Corporation166.
      • CC. The State.
        • α. Constitutional Law167.
        • β. External Public Law168.
        • γ. Universal History169.
  • Section III. Absolute Mind171.
    • Sub-Section A. Art.
    • Sub-Section B. Revealed Religion172.
    • Sub-Section C. Philosophy.
  • Index.
  • Footnotes
  • Credits
  • A Word from Project Gutenberg
  • The Full Project Gutenberg License
    • Section 1.
    • General Terms of Use & Redistributing Project Gutenberg™ electronic works
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    • Section 2.
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    • Information about Donations to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation
    • Section 5.
    • General Information About Project Gutenberg™ electronic works.
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