America's Black and White Book: One Hundred Pictured Reasons Why We Are At War

America's Black and White Book: One Hundred Pictured Reasons Why We Are At War

By W. A. (William Allen) Rogers
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • AMERICA'S Black and White BOOK
  • Carelessness on the part of the deceased.
  • The first great German “U” boat Victory
  • Modern German Gothic Art.
  • The Announcement.
  • A SILENT COMPANY—Yet its voice is heard above the roar of Cannon.
  • Those "cannon on the forward deck."
  • Here are "the facts."
  • He had expected to find the President alone.
  • "We Germans love the Belgians, who were forced into the war." —Dr. Dernberg.
  • The Crushing of Belgium.
  • Invasion of Belgium by the "Uncultured."
  • GERMAN RELIGIOUS ART—Intended for a Cathedral window.
  • Christmas Night.
  • A moving picture.
  • There is no American blood on John Bull's hands.
  • Going to “throw a scare” into Uncle Sam.
  • “THOSE FLIPPANT AMERICANS, who were drowned on the Lusitania.” —Cologne Gazette.
  • "Gott Mit Uns"—and Allah too!
  • Swarming.
  • "Here's a present from the Kaiser, my pretty little maid."
  • "Seized for Military purposes."
  • Those who are decorated.
  • It was a glorious Victory.
  • One of those touching pictures of a German soldier feeding little Belgium.
  • "Don't you see the war is nearly over?—Forget the Lusitania!"
  • Activities of a German diplomatist in America.
  • Activities of an American diplomatist in Europe.
  • A good deal like the "Goose-Step."
  • The sad case of Mr. Dumba.
  • Just whose pet snake is this?
  • Is God still with us?
  • Once more the Olive Branch.
  • Assurances by the waste-basket full.
  • "Yes, father, I remember you said the war would end in October."
  • Spraddled.
  • The Austrians did it.
  • Recently on exhibition at Cooper Union.
  • The New Intensive Kultur.
  • "Watch your step!"
  • Whether to get angry or to laugh!
  • A message on preparedness—at the psychological moment.
  • A little May party interferes with the Christmas spirit.
  • The Ambulance Driver.
  • "For ways that are dark."
  • "It's got to be uprooted."
  • The Persia Torpedoed.
  • The Barbary Pirates—We cleaned them out 110 years ago and we may have to do it again.
  • Yes, of course, "Turkey did it."
  • Washington's most industrious special correspondent.
  • A Silent Protest.
  • His Private graveyard.
  • Safety first.
  • Let the decoration fit the crime.
  • Like sheep to the slaughter.
  • Von Tirpitz
  • On the sinking of a hospital ship.
  • "Pirates and Privateers no longer exist."—Von Jagow.
  • "Well, Count, do you claim it?"
  • The Kaiser's Colonial Secretary for North America.
  • "Please observe, Mr. Ambassador, that you are pretty close to the edge yourself."
  • "From now on we will make no forward movement."
  • "Admiral of the Atlantic."
  • Assorted cargo for the return trip of the Deutschland.
  • Triumph of the Hohenzollerns at Verdun.
  • Those disappointing German-Americans.
  • Preparing a few more answers to our protests.
  • Is anybody being fooled by this?
  • A Prussian offer of Peace.
  • No, this is not Eliza crossing on the ice!
  • Maybe somebody wants to buy a little suckling pig, eh?
  • Bringing the flag up to date!
  • A survival of the dark ages.
  • Germany.
  • Under their true flag.
  • Wrathful waiting.
  • THE ONLY ANSWER: Kaiser: "One day in the week you may go to Falmouth." Uncle Sam: "Seven days in the week you may go to----!"
  • I'm here, Mr. President, close behind you.
  • Another case of wiping hands on the American flag.
  • For homeless Belgium.
  • "Shame—only American sailors! Not a woman or child in the lot."
  • Something to remember after the War.
  • The new recruit.
  • It is to laugh.
  • Not all is dark.
  • "We are now getting the enemy out of their trenches."—German report.
  • "Papa, here comes the light that killed Uncle Nick."
  • The Junker must go.
  • "Come avay; our music iss not for Barbarians."
  • The Piffle steams under orders from Wilhelmstrasse.
  • THE HONEY-MOON IS OVER. "He gave me a black eye at Carnegie Hall."
  • A good recruiting sergeant for Uncle Sam.
  • Will it succeed?
  • "Your mother, your wife, your child may be next!"
  • Still "luring them on."
  • Mobilized.
  • The way to do it.
  • Rehearsing their swan song.
  • Hold Fast, Everybody!
  • This is their emblem.
  • To France!
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