The Seventh Regiment A Record

The Seventh Regiment A Record

By George L. Wood
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Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER I. The fall of Sumter. — Civil war begun. — Preparations by the South. — Nobility.
  • CHAPTER II. The President's call for troops. — Organization of the Seventh. — Its departure for Camp Dennison. — Its reorganization and departure for the field.
  • CHAPTER III. The pursuit of General Wise. — Tyler ordered to menace Gauley Bridge and threaten Wise's communications.
  • CHAPTER IV. The skirmish at Cross Lanes. — Gallant conduct and final escape of the Seventh Regiment.
  • CHAPTER V. Reflections on the Skirmish at Cross Lanes. — Battle of Carnifex Ferry.
  • CHAPTER VI. Charleston and the Kanawha Valley. — A double murder. — Colonel Tyler assumes command of the post.
  • CHAPTER VII. Floyd establishes batteries on Cotton Hill. — Driven off by the forces of general Cox. — Benham's failure to intercept his retreat. — His pursuit. — Skirmish at McCoy's Mills. — His final escape.
  • CHAPTER VIII. Reflections on the Institution of Slavery.
  • CHAPTER IX. The Seventh ordered to the East. — Expedition to Blue's Gap. — Skirmish on the Blooming pike.
  • CHAPTER X. Gallantry of Lieutenant O'Brien. — Death of General Lander. — The Seventh escort his remains. — The occupation of Winchester.
  • CHAPTER XI. A Reconnoissance to Strasburg. — Battle of Winchester. — Utter defeat and rout of Jackson's army.
  • CHAPTER XII. General Shields' anxiety for laurels. — Summing up of the battle. — Losses in the Seventh.
  • CHAPTER XIII. Pursuit of Jackson up the Valley. — March to Fredericksburg, and return to Front Royal.
  • CHAPTER XIV. The march on Waynesboro'. — Two brigades encounter Jackson at Port Republic, and after five hours' fighting are compelled to fall back.
  • CHAPTER XV. Battle of Cedar Mountain. — Gallantry of the regiment, and terrible loss.
  • CHAPTER XVI. The regiment goes into camp at Alexandria, but is soon ordered to the front. — Battle of Antietam.
  • CHAPTER XVII. The march to Dumfries. — Skirmish with Hampton's cavalry, in which they are badly defeated by a much inferior force.
  • CHAPTER XVIII. The regiment ordered to the front. — Battle of Chancellorsville.
  • CHAPTER XIX. Accompanies the grand army into Pennsylvania. — Battle of Gettysburg.
  • CHAPTER XX. After reaching the Rapidan it goes to Governor's Island. — After its return it accompanies Hooker's corps to the Western department.
  • CHAPTER XXI. The Seventh joins Grant's army. — The battles of Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, and Ringgold.
  • CHAPTER XXII. The advance towards Atlanta. — Skirmishing. — Homeward march. — Its reception. — Muster out.
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