Lincolniana Or The Humors of Uncle Abe

Lincolniana Or The Humors of Uncle Abe

By Andrew Adderup
Book Description
Table of Contents
      • 1861
    • 1861
    • Preface
    • An Involuntary Black Republican.
    • The Wrong Pig by the Ear.
    • "Wilkie, where does Old Abe Lincoln Live."
    • Too Literal Obedience.
    • How Uncle Abe Felt.
    • P.P.P.
    • Rattaned for a Rat Joke.
    • The State House Struck by Whiggery.
    • Graphic and True.
    • A Judge of the Post Office.
    • I'm an Inderlid.
    • How Uncle Abe got his Sobriquet.
    • "I'll take Number Eleven too."
    • A Severe Retort.
    • Had all the Time there Was.
    • Could Stand it a Day or Two,
    • Not the Worst of it.
    • Accoutred en Militaire.
    • Perils of Illinois Lawyers.
    • Couldn't Make a Presidential Chair.
    • "Couldn't see It in that Light."
    • Too Tough for the Rebels.
    • Little Mac Helped by an Illustration.
    • An Acre of Fight.
    • Uncle Abe Believes in the Intelligence of Oysters.
    • An Egyptian Snake Story
    • Why Uncle Abe Made a Brigadier.
    • Uncle Abe Puzzled.
    • Uncle Abe Divided on a Question.
    • Tried for Scaring the Girls.
    • "Thank God for the Sassengers."
    • Was'nt Murder After All.
    • Joe Reed's Mule Hunt.
    • Has no Influence with the Administration.
    • A Touching Incident.
    • A Lincoln Man Ducked.
    • A Comparison.
    • "There's Enough for All."
    • Making a President.
    • Uncle Abe Boss of the Cabinet.
    • Uncle Peter Cartright's Wonder.
    • Uncle Abe a Shaksperian.
    • The Running Sickness.
    • How to Get Rid of Rats.
    • A Palpable Application
    • Uncle Abe on the Whisky Question.
    • Edwards vs. Lincoln.
    • Metalic Ring.
    • A Grateful Postmaster.
    • A Serious Joke.
      • Washington, February 18, 1864
      • A. LINCOLN.
      • "A. LINCOLN."
    • Washington, February 18, 1864
    • A. LINCOLN.
    • "A. LINCOLN."
    • Fix the Date.
    • Rival of Uncle Abe.
    • Uncle Abe's Estimate of the Senate.
    • "Thought he Must be Good for Something."
    • Aptly Said.
    • Uncle Abe as a Pilot.
    • Uncle Abe's Valentine.
    • "My Mary Ann."
    • Uncle Abe's Honor.
    • "Smoke That."
    • A Sufficient Reason.
    • The Boy and the Bear.
    • Too Deep.
    • Uncle Abe's First Speech.
    • Cute.
    • Abe's Spelling.
    • A Soldier's Theory of the War.
    • Nigger Mathematics.
    • Long and Short of it.
    • A Handy Faculty.
    • Uncle Abe on Time.
    • A Story that had no Reminder.
    • Has it "Gin Out?"
    • A Major
    • A Dry Drop.
    • Uncle Abe as a Physiognomist.
    • The Concrete vs. the Abstract.
    • Symptoms of Civilization.
    • Uncle Abe goes into Partnership.
    • Abe Passing Counterfeit Money.
    • The Wrong Man Poulticed.
    • Uncle Abe as School Superintendent.
    • Uncle Abe's Nose.
    • Take Away the Fowls.
    • Uncle Abe Well Fed.
    • A Man of Means.
    • Call Again.
    • Uncle Abe Swapped when a Baby.
    • Hit at Antietam.
    • A Poor Crop.
    • Handy in Case of Emergencies.
    • Value of a Reputation.
    • Didn't Like the Name.
    • Uncle Abe's Good Bye.
    • Uncle Abe's Last.
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