Rootabaga Stories

By Carl Sandburg
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • How They Broke Away to Go to the Rootabaga Country
  • How They Bring Back the Village of Cream Puffs When the Wind Blows It Away
  • How the Five Rusty Rats Helped Find a New Village
  • The Potato Face Blind Man Who Lost the Diamond Rabbit on His Gold Accordion
  • How the Potato Face Blind Man Enjoyed Himself on a Fine Spring Morning
  • Poker Face the Baboon and Hot Dog the Tiger
  • The Toboggan-to-the-Moon Dream of the Potato Face Blind Man
  • How Gimme the Ax Found Out About the Zigzag Railroad and Who Made It Zigzag
  • The Story of Blixie Bimber and the Power of the Gold Buckskin Whincher
  • The Story of Jason Squiff and Why He Had a Popcorn Hat, Popcorn Mittens and Popcorn Shoes
  • The Story of Rags Habakuk, the Two Blue Rats, and the Circus Man Who Came with Spot Cash Money
  • The Wedding Procession of the Rag Doll and the Broom Handle and Who Was in It
  • How the Hat Ashes Shovel Helped Snoo Foo
  • Three Boys With Jugs of Molasses and Secret Ambitions
  • How Bimbo the Snip’s Thumb Stuck to His Nose When the Wind Changed
  • The Two Skyscrapers Who Decided to Have a Child
  • The Dollar Watch and the Five Jack Rabbits
  • The Wooden Indian and the Shaghorn Buffalo
  • The White Horse Girl and the Blue Wind Boy
  • What Six Girls with Balloons Told the Gray Man on Horseback
  • How Henry Hagglyhoagly Played the Guitar with His Mittens On
  • Never Kick a Slipper at the Moon
  • Sand Flat Shadows
  • How to Tell Corn Fairies If You See ’Em
  • How the Animals Lost Their Tails and Got Them Back Traveling From Philadelphia to Medicine Hat
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