The White Spark

The White Spark

By Orville Livingston Leach
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The White Spark
  • Part First.
    • 6. Matter Is Only Space or Nothing, With a Wall of Spirit.
    • 17. The Point of a Pin Illustrates the Annihilation of Matter.
    • 32. Light and Heat From Radium Are From the Absorption of Ether.
    • 45. Secrets of Silicon.
    • 37. The Secret of Life!
    • 42. Why Ashes or Water Do Not Burn.
    • 26. Annealing and Malleability of Metals.
  • Part Second Spirits and the Spirit Land.
    • 1. Reveries in the Country.
    • 2. Redemption of the World.
    • 3. Spirit and Matter.
    • 4. A Truism of Nature an Eternal Principle.
    • 5. Matter Only the Wake of Spirit.
    • 6. Science of the White Spark.
    • 7. Symbol of the White Spark.
    • 8. The Spark is a Receptacle of Mind and a Potential of Force.
    • 9. Mathematics of the Spark.
    • 10. Crumbling Sparks and Permanent Sparks.
    • 11. Location of the Spirit Land.
    • 12. Conditions in the Spirit Land.
    • 13. Attributes of Spirit.
    • 14. Superiority of Spirit.
    • 15. The Pope Says the Advent of the Saviour Is Near.
  • Part Third How to Generate the White Spark or "Vaco-Cells" in Our Body.
    • The Open Air Cure.
  • What the European War Has Demonstrated.
    • Part of the English Divine's Article Which We Have Referred to:
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