Inventors & Inventions

Inventors & Inventions

By Henry Robinson
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Inventors & Inventions
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • CHAPTER 1 Successful Invention
  • CHAPTER 2 Machine Designing
  • CHAPTER 3 Financing a New Invention
  • CHAPTER 4 Marketing a New Invention
  • CHAPTER 5 Determining the Selling Price of a Newly Invented Article
  • CHAPTER 6 Office Management and Business Policies
  • CHAPTER 7 Divers Ways of Exploiting an Invention
  • CHAPTER 8 Useful Pointers on Successful Manufacturing
  • CHAPTER 9 Warning to Prospective Inventors
  • CHAPTER 10 Advice to Inventors on Inventions
  • CHAPTER 11 General Definition and Classification of Inventions
  • CHAPTER 12 The Glory of Invention and Pictures of Celebrated Inventors and Scientists
  • CHAPTER 13 How to Invent
  • CHAPTER 14 How to Make Sketches and Specifications
  • CHAPTER 15 The Necessity of Competent Engineering for Successful Invention
  • CHAPTER 16 Pert Pointers for Prospective Inventors That Will Be Found Helpful
  • CHAPTER 17 Protection of an Invention
  • CHAPTER 18 Various Ways Employed to Cheat and Rob Inventors
  • CHAPTER 19 Government Connivance at the Despoiling of a Poor Inventor
  • CHAPTER 20 Old and Common Tricks Employed to "Do" an Inexperienced Inventor
  • CHAPTER 21 The Root of the Evil
  • CHAPTER 22 Comparative Legal Protection Afforded to Mental and Physical Property
  • CHAPTER 23 The Utter Helplessness of a Poor Inventor to Obtain Justice
  • CHAPTER 24 Public Attitude Towards Him Who Steals Physical and to the One Who Steals Mental Property
  • CHAPTER 25 Present Available Means of Protecting an Invention
  • CHAPTER 26 Comparative Government Treatment—A Bounty for Raising "Sugar Beets," but a Tax on Inventions
  • CHAPTER 27 Society's Debt to the Inventor
  • CHAPTER 28 Comparative Protection Given by the Government
  • CHAPTER 29 The Law's Definition of Property—and Public Policy
  • CHAPTER 30 The Successful Inventor
  • CHAPTER 31 Comparative Treatment the World Accords to Them, and Summary
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