The Ways of Men

The Ways of Men

By Eliot Gregory
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Table of Contents
  • The Ways of Men, by Eliot Gregory
    • to Edith Wharton
    • CHAPTER 1—“Uncle Sam”
    • CHAPTER 2—Domestic Despots
    • CHAPTER 3—Cyrano, Rostand, Coquelin
    • CHAPTER 4—Machine-made Men
    • CHAPTER 5—Parnassus
    • CHAPTER 6—Modern Architecture
    • CHAPTER 7—Worldly Color-Blindness
    • CHAPTER 8—Idling in Mid-Ocean
    • CHAPTER 9—“Climbers” in England
    • CHAPTER 10—Calvé at Cabrières
    • CHAPTER 11—A Cry For Fresh Air
    • CHAPTER 12—The Paris of our Grandparents
    • CHAPTER 13—Some American Husbands
    • CHAPTER 14—“Carolus”
    • CHAPTER 15—The Grand Opera Fad
    • CHAPTER 16—The Poetic Cabarets of Paris
    • CHAPTER 17—Etiquette At Home and Abroad
    • CHAPTER 18—What is “Art”?
    • CHAPTER 19—The Genealogical Craze
    • CHAPTER 20—As the Twig is Bent
    • CHAPTER 21—Seven Small Duchesses
    • CHAPTER 22—Growing Old Ungracefully
    • CHAPTER 23—Around a Spring
    • CHAPTER 24—The Better Part
    • CHAPTER 25—La Comédie Française à Orange
    • CHAPTER 26—Pre-palatial Newport
    • CHAPTER 27—Sardou at Marly-le-Roy
    • CHAPTER 28—Inconsistencies
    • CHAPTER 29—Modern “Cadets de Gascogne”
    • CHAPTER 30—The Dinner and the Drama
    • CHAPTER 31—The Modern Aspasia
    • CHAPTER 32—A Nation in a Hurry
    • CHAPTER 33—The Spirit of History
    • Footnotes:
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