A Queens Delight The Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying. As also, A right Knowledge of making Perfumes, and Distilling the most Excellent Waters.

A Queens Delight The Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying. As also, A right Knowledge of making Perfumes, and Distilling the most Excellent Waters.

By Anonymous
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  • A QUEENS Delight;
    • OR,
  • The Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying.
    • As also
    • A right Knowledge of making Perfumes, and Distilling the most Excellent Waters.
    • Table of Contents
    • A QUEENS DELIGHT OF Conserves, and Preserves, Candying and Distilling Waters.
      • To preserve white Pear Plums, or green.
      • To preserve Grapes
      • To preserve Quinces white.
      • To preserve Respass.
      • To preserve Pippins.
      • To preserve fruits green.
      • To preserve Oranges and Lemons the best way.
      • An approved Conserve for a Cough or Consumption of the Lungs.
      • To make conserve of Any of these Fruits.
      • To dry any Fruits after they are preserved, to or Candy them.
      • To preserve Artichokes young, green Walnuts and Lemons, and the Elecampane-Roots, or any bitter thing.
      • To preserve Quinces white or red.
      • To preserve Grapes.
      • To preserve Pippins, Apricoks, Pear-Plums and Peaches when they are ripe.
      • To preserve Pippins, Apricocks, Pear-Plums, or Peaches green.
      • To dry Pippins, or Pears without Sugar.
      • To make Syrup of Clove-gilly flowers.
      • To make Syrup of Hysop for Colds.
      • To make Orange Water.
      • To dry Cherries.
      • To make juyce of Liquorish.
      • A Perfume for Cloths, Gloves.
      • To make Almond Bisket.
      • To dry Apricocks.
      • To make Quinces for Pies.
      • The best way to break sweet Powder.
      • To make excellent Perfumes.
      • To make Conserve of Roses boiled.
      • To make Conserves of Roses unboiled.
      • To make a very good Pomatum.
      • To make Raisin Wine.
      • To make Rasberry Wine.
      • The best way to preserve Cherries.
      • A Tincture of Ambergreece.
      • To make Usquebath the best way.
      • To preserve Cherries with a quarter of their weights in Sugar.
      • To make Gelly of Pippins.
      • To make Apricock Cakes.
      • To preserve Barberries the best way.
      • To make Lozenges of Red Roses.
      • To make Chips of Quinces.
      • To make Sugar of Wormwood, Mint, Anniseed, or any other of that kinde.
      • To make Syrup of Lemons or Citrons.
      • To make Jambals of Apricocks or Quinces.
      • To make Cherry-water.
      • To make Orange Cakes.
      • To preserve Oranges the French way.
      • To preserve green Plums.
      • To dry Plums.
      • To preserve Cherries the best way, bigger than they grow naturally, &c.
      • To preserve Damsins, red Plums or black.
      • To dry Pippins or Pears.
      • To dry Pippins or Pears another way.
      • To dry Apricocks tender.
      • To dry Plums.
      • To dry Apricocks.
      • Conserves of Violets the Italian manner.
        • The Vertue.
      • Conserves of red Roses the Italian manner.
        • The Vertues.
      • Conserve of Borage Flowers after the Italian manner.
      • Conserve of Rosemary flowers after the Italian manner.
        • The Vertues.
      • Conserve of Betony after the Italian way.
        • The Vertues.
      • Conserve of Sage.
        • The Vertues.
      • Conserve of flowers of Lavender.
        • The Vertues.
      • Conserve of Marjoram.
        • The Vertues.
      • Conserve of Peony after the Italian way.
        • The Vertues.
    • Touching Candies, as followeth.
      • To Candy Rosemary-flowers in the Sun.
      • To Make Sugar of Roses.
      • To Candy Pippins, Pears, Apricocks or Plums.
      • To Candy or clear Rockcandy flowers.
      • To Candy Spanish Flowers.
      • To Candy Grapes, Cherries or Barberries.
      • To Candy Suckets of Oranges, Lemons, Citrons, and Angelica.
      • To Candy the Orange Roots.
      • Candy Orange Peels after the Italian way.
        • The Vertues.
      • To Candy Citrons after the Spanish way.
        • The Vertues.
      • Candied Cherries, the Italian way.
      • Chicory Roots candied the Italian way.
    • Touching Marmalets, and Quiddony, as followeth.
      • To make Marmalet of Damsins.
      • To make white Marmalet of Quinces.
      • To make Marmalet of any tender Plum.
      • To make Orange Marmalet.
      • To make Quiddony of Pippins of Ruby or any Amber colour.
      • To make Quiddony of all kind of Plums.
      • To make Marmalet of Oranges, or Orange Cakes, &c.
    • Touching Pastrey and Pasties.
      • To make Sugar Cakes.
      • To make clear Cakes of Plums.
      • To make Paste of Oranges and Lemons.
      • To make Rasberry Cakes.
      • To make Paste of Genoa Citrons.
      • To make a French Tart.
      • To make Cakes of Pear Plums.
      • To make Cakes, viz.
      • To make a Cake the way of the Royal Princess, the Lady Elizabeth, daughter to King Charles the first.
      • To make Paste of Apricocks.
      • To make Paste of Pippins like leaves, and some like Plums, with their stones, and Stalks in them.
      • To make Paste of Elecampane roots, an excellent remedy for the Cough of the Lungs.
      • To make Paste of flowers of the colour of Marble, tasting of natural flowers.
      • To make Paste of Rasberries or English Currans.
      • To make Naples Bisket.
      • To make Italian Biskets.
      • To make Prince Biskets
      • To make Marchpane to Ice and Gild, and garnish it according to Art.
      • Lozenges
      • To make Walnuts artificial.
      • To make Collops like Bacon of Marchpane.
      • To make artificial Fruits.
    • Touching Preserves and Pomanders.
      • To make an excellent perfume to burn between two Rose leaves.
      • To make Pomander.
      • To make an Ipswich Water.
      • To make a sweet Smell.
    • Touching Wine.
      • To make Hypocras.
      • The Lady Thornburghs Syrup of Elders.
      • To make gelly of Raspis the best way.
      • To dry Fox Skins.
    • Choice Secrets made known.
      • To make true Magistery of Pearl.
      • How to make Hair grow.
      • To write Letters of Secret, that they cannot be read without the directions following.
      • How to keep Wine from Sowring.
      • To take out Spots of Grease or Oyl.
      • To make hair grow black, though any colour.
      • King Edwards perfume.
      • Queen Elizabeths Perfume.
      • Mr. Ferene of the New Exchange, Perfumer to the Queen, his rare Dentifrice, so much approved of at Court.
      • To make the said Powder into Paste.
      • The Receipt of the Lady Kents powder, presented by her Ladyship to the Queen.
      • A Cordial Water of Sir Walter Raleigh.
      • The Lady Malets Cordial Water.
      • A Sovereign Water of Dr. Stephens, which he long times used, wherewith he did many Cures; he kept secretly till a little before his death, and then he gave it to the Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury in writing, being as followeth, viz.
        • The Vertues of this water.
      • A Plague Water to be taken one spoonful every four hours with one sweat every time.
      • Poppy water.
      • A Water for a Consumption, or for a Brain that is weak.
      • Another of the same.
      • A good Stomach Water.
      • A Bag of purging Ale.
      • The Ale of Health and Strength, by Viscount St. Albans.
      • A Water excellent good against the Plague.
      • A Cordial Cherry-water.
      • The Lord Spencers Cherry-water.
      • The Herbs to be distilled for Usquebath.
      • Dr. Kings way to make Mead.
      • To make Syrup of Rasberries.
      • To make Lemon Water.
      • To make Gilly-flower Wine.
      • The Lady Spotswood Stomach Water.
      • Water of Time for the Passion of the Heart.
      • A Receipt to make damnable Hum.
      • An admirable Water for sore Eyes.
      • A Snail Water for weak Children, and old People.
      • Clary Water for the Back, Stomach, &c.
      • Dr. Montfords Cordial Water.
      • Aqua Mirabilis, Sir Kenelm Digby's way.
        • The Vertues of the precedent Water.
      • A Water for fainting of the Heart.
      • A Surfeit Water.
      • Dr. Butlers Cordial Water against Melancholly, &c. most approved.
      • The admirable and most famous Snail Water.
      • A singular Mint water.
    • Distillings.
      • A most Excellent Aqua Coelestis taught by Mr. Philips Apothecary.
      • Hypocras taught by Dr. Twine for Wind in the Stomach.
      • Marigold flowers distilled, good for the pain of the Head.
      • A Water good for Sun burning.
      • The Lady Giffords cordial Water.
      • A water for one pensive and very sick, to comfort the Heart very excellent.
      • To perfume Water.
    • The Table.
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