Origin Myths among the Mountain Peoples of the Philippines

Origin Myths among the Mountain Peoples of the Philippines

By H. Otley Beyer
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Origin Myths among the Mountain Peoples of the Philippines1
  • Primitive Beliefs
    • Beliefs of the Pagan Tribes of Mindanao
  • Origin of the Earth and its Inhabitants
  • The Petrified Craft and Crew of Kágbubátan͠g
  • The Legend of An͠gó, the Petrified Manóbo
  • The Origin of the Stars and the Explanation of Sunset and Sunrise
    • The Well-developed Polytheistic Religions of Northern Luzon
    • The Igorots
    • The Bontoks
      • Stories about Lumáwig
    • Stories about Lumáwig
    • The Religion and Mythology of the Ifugao People of Northern Luzon28
    • Beliefs and Myths of the Kián͠gan Ifugaos
  • Origin of the Ifugaos36
    • I
    • II
    • III
    • IV
    • V
    • VI
  • The Story of Ihîk49
  • The Story of Búgan and Kin͠ggáuan, or the Marriage of a Goddess with a Man53
    • Central Ifugao Beliefs
  • The Ifugao Flood-myth60
    • I
    • II
    • III
    • IV
  • Legend Concerning Ban͠ggílît of Hinagán͠gan, and the Jars that He Brought from the Village of Souls68
  • Illustrations
    • Plate I
    • Plate II
    • Plate III
    • Plate IV
  • Table of Contents
  • Colophon
    • Availability
    • Encoding
    • Revision History
    • External References
    • Corrections
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