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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • composing
    • 1 The Great Instauration: Restoring Professional and Technical Writing to the Humanities
      • Anthony DiRenzo
    • 2 Starts, False Starts, and Getting Started: (Mis)understanding the Naming of a Professional Writing Minor
      • Michael Knieval
      • Kelly Belanger
      • Colin Keeney
      • Julianne Couch
      • Christine Stebbins
    • 3 Composing a Proposal for a Professional / Technical Writing Program
      • W. Gary Griswold
    • 4 Disciplinary Identities: Professional Writing, Rhetorical Studies, and Rethinking “English”
      • Brent Henze
      • Wendy Sharer
      • Janice Tovey
  • revising
    • 5 Smart Growth of Professional Writing Programs: Controlling Sprawl in Departmental Landscapes
      • Diana Ashe
      • Colleen A. Reilly
    • 6 Curriculum, Genre and Resistance: Revising Identity in a Professional Writing Community
      • David Franke
    • 7 Composing and Revising the Professional Writing Program at Ohio Northern University: A Case Study
      • Jonathan Pitts
  • minors, certificates, engineering
    • 8 Certificate Programs in Technical Writing: Through Sophistic Eyes
      • Jim Nugent
    • 9 Shippensburg University’s Technical / Professional Communications Minor: A Multidisciplinary Approach
      • Carla Kungl
      • S. Dev Hathaway
    • 10 Reinventing Audience through Distance
      • Jude Edminster
      • Andrew Mara
    • 11 Introducing a Technical Writing Communication Course into a Canadian School of Engineering
      • Anne Parker
    • 12 English and Engineering, Pedagogy and Politics
      • Brian D. Ballentine
  • futures
    • 13 The Third Way: PTW and the Liberal Arts in the New Knowledge Society
      • Anthony DiRenzo
    • 14 The Write Brain: Professional Writing in the Post-Knowledge Economy
      • Alex Reid
  • post-scripts by veteran program designers
    • 15 A Techné for Citizens: Service-Learning, Conversation, and Community
    • 16 Models of Professional Writing / Technical
    • Writing Administration: Reflections
    • of a Serial Administrator at Syracuse University
    • Biographical Notes
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