Placing the History of College Writing

Placing the History of College Writing

By Nathan Shepley
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Book Description

Pre-1950s composition history, if analyzed with the right conceptual tools, can pluralize and clarify our understanding of the relationship between the writing of college students and the writing’s physical, social, and discursive surroundings.

Table of Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter One . Placing History, Historicizing Place
  • Chapter Two. Customizing Composition: Students Broadening Behavioral Codes
  • Chapter Three. Tracking Lines of Communication: Student Writing as a Response to Civic Issues
  • Chapter Four. Composition on Display: Students Performing College Competence
  • Chapter Five. Rethinking Links Between Histories of Composition
  • Chapter Six. Composition as Literacy, Discourse, and Rhetoric
  • Works Cited
  • Glossary
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