About Writing: A Guide

About Writing: A Guide

By Robin Jeffrey and Jeffrey
Book Description

This writer’s reference condenses and covers everything a beginning writing student needs to successfully compose college-level work, including the basics of composition, grammar, and research. It is broken down into easy-to-tackle sections, while not overloading students with more information than they need. Great for any beginning writing students or as reference for advanced students! Buy a print copy: https://www.createspace.com/6573201

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Table Of Contents
  • Composing
    • Types of Writing Styles
    • Understanding the Assignment
    • Assessing the Writing Situation
    • Test Your Thesis
    • Constructing an Outline
    • Checklist: Planning a Document
    • Transitions
    • Visuals Help You Communicate
  • Academic writing
    • Active Reading
    • Analyzing a Text
    • Rhetorical Concepts
    • Academic Writing: Point of View
    • Academic Writing: Verb Tense
    • How to: Write a Summary
    • Countering Opposing Arguments
    • Putting Inductive Reasoning to the Test
    • Most Common Evidence Used by Authors
  • Researching
    • Keyword Searching: Do it Better!
    • Is this source scholarly?
    • Evaluating Sources
    • Evaluating Web Sources
    • What Do You Need for a Citation?
    • Avoiding Plagiarism
    • What is MLA, APA, and CMS?
    • MLA Signal Phrases
    • MLA Citation Examples
    • APA Signal Phrases
    • APA Citation Examples
    • CMS Signal Phrases
  • Basic Grammar
    • Introducing... Subordinate Clauses!
  • Grammatical Sentences
    • Subject-Verb Agreement
    • Should You Use –s (or –es) for a Present-Tense Verb?
    • Is Your Sentence a Fragment?
    • Is Your Sentence a Run-On?
    • Does Your Sentence Have a Dangling Modifier?
  • Multilingual Writers and ESL Challenges
    • Verb Forms: The Basics
    • Verb Tenses: Active Voice
    • Verb Tenses: Passive Voice
    • The Meaning of Modals
    • Nouns
    • Articles for Common Nouns
    • Non-count Nouns
    • Geography and ‘The’
    • How to Order Cumulative Adjectives
    • Three Magic Words: At, On, and In
    • Combo Time! – Adjectives & Prepositions
    • Combo Time! – Verbs & Prepositions
  • Revising
    • A strategy for analyzing and revising a first draft
    • Checklist: Revision
    • How to: Be a Constructive Peer Reviewer
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