Writing Spaces Web Writing Style Guide Version 1.0

Writing Spaces Web Writing Style Guide Version 1.0

By Matt Barton, James Kalmbach, and Charles Lowe
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Title
  • Contents
  • About
  • Contributors
  • Licensing
  • Introduction
    • I Know How to Write Papers. Does Any of That Stuff Apply Online?
    • What’s the Same When Writing for the Web?
    • Writing for the Web: What’s Different?
    • What Will I Find in this Guide?
  • Writing in the Genres of the Web
    • What Is a Blog? What about Tumblr? What about Twitter? Are “Notes” on Facebook the Same as a Blog?
    • Twitter Only Gives Me 140 Characters!? What the Heck?
    • What Is a Wiki? Is It a Blog?
    • What Are Reddit and Digg?
    • How Can Facebook Help to Promote My Web Writing?
    • What the Hell Is RSS?
  • The Rhetorics of Web Pages
    • Hyperlinks Are the “Tubes” of the Internet
    • Page Titles, Headlines, and Subheaders, OH MY!
    • Damnit, Jim, I’m a Writer, Not a Graphic Designer! (Or, Who Gives a CRAP?)
    • You Can’t Write for the Web without Working with Visuals
    • WTF (Why This Font?)
    • How Can I Use Video on my Site?
    • Jazzing Up Your Web Pages: The Good, the Bad, or the UGLY?
    • Not Everyone Can See Your Graphics
    • It’s Not Plagiarism If It’s on the Web, Right?
    • In the End, It’s All About the Code
    • Learning More About Code
  • Resources
  • Credits
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