Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean

Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean

By The University of the West Indies Press
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • Contents
  • Law
    • I. Sources of Law
      • Chapter 7: The Written Constitution as a Legal Source
      • Chapter 8: The Common Law and the Operation of the Doctrine of Judicial Precedent in the Commonwealth Caribbean
      • Chapter 13: Legislation as a Source of Law
      • Chapter 2. The Sources of Law
    • II. Hierarchy of Courts
      • Chapter 15: The Court System of the Commonwealth Caribbean
      • Chapter 16: The Privy Council
      • Chapter 3. The Hierarcy of Courts
    • III. CCJ v Privy Council Debate
      • Chapter 17: The Renewed Initiative towards a Caribbean Court of Justice
      • Chapter 4. The Caribbean Court Of Justice/Privy Council Debate
    • IV. Protection of Fundamental Rights
      • Chapter 6. Fundamental Human Rights
      • Chapter 7. The Death Penalty
  • Governance
    • I. Evolution of W.I Government
      • One: Imperialism: Colonialism, Neo-colonialism and Reconciliation
      • Two: Struggles of the Working Class People
        • 6: The State
        • 7: Authoritarian States
        • 8: Democratic States
        • 9: Types of Democracy
    • II. Westminster/Whitehall Systems
      • Three: The Politics of Constitutional Decolonisation and the Westminster Model
        • 10: The American Presidential System and the British Parliamentary System
        • 11: The Issue of Reforms
        • Chapter 5. The Westminster System of Government in the Caribbean
    • III. Political Culture
      • Four: Party Systems and ElectorM Politics in the Region
      • Five: Trade Unionism in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Past and Present
        • 2: Political Culture
        • 3: Changes in Political Behaviour and Political Culture
        • 4: Political Socialization
  • Economy
    • II. Development of Caribbean Economic Thought
      • 3: Social and political dimensions of plantation society
      • 2: Macroeconomic Overview of CARICOM Economies
        • 19: Contemporary Caribbean Politics
        • 20: Globalization
        • Chapter 9. Globalisation and Foreign Investment
    • III. Trade and Economic Integration
      • Seven: Regional Integration: Economic and Political Aspects
      • 1: From Federation to the CARICOM Single Market and Economy
      • Chapter 10. Aspects of Caribbean Regionalism
  • Society
    • I. Society & Culture Basic Concepts
      • Sociological Theorizing in the English-Speaking Caribbean : A Review
    • II. Theories of Society
      • Two Classes and Two Cultures in Contemporary Haiti
      • Editorial Foreword
    • III. Caribbean Social Problems
      • 9: Stereotyping Women’s Political Leadership
      • Yardies and Dons
      • Chapter 8. Ganja
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