Notes on Bookbinding for Libraries

Notes on Bookbinding for Libraries

By John Cotton Dana
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Notes on Bookbinding for Libraries
  • NaudĂ© On Binding
  • Preface to Second and Revised Edition
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • CHAPTER I Introductory
  • CHAPTER II Binding: The Process Described
  • CHAPTER III The Literary Side of Library Rebinding
  • CHAPTER IV Binding Materials Suitable for a Library
  • CHAPTER V Rebinding for Libraries
  • CHAPTER VI Lettering and Numbering the Backs of Books
  • CHAPTER VII Pamphlets
  • CHAPTER VIII Magazine Binders
  • CHAPTER IX Repairing Books, General Rules
  • CHAPTER X Repairing Books, Newark Methods
  • CHAPTER XI Repairing Books: Materials and Tools
  • CHAPTER XII Covering Books
  • CHAPTER XIII Leather: General Notes
  • CHAPTER XIV Paper and Paper Making
  • CHAPTER XV Binding Records
  • CHAPTER XVI Binding Records and Notes, Newark
  • CHAPTER XVII Bindery Equipment
  • CHAPTER XVIII List of Technical Terms, Leathers and Other Binding Materials, Tools, Styles of Ornament Used in Binding
  • CHAPTER XIX Makers and Dealers in Bookbinders’ Materials, Tools and Machinery
  • CHAPTER XX A Few of the Best Books on Bookbinding, Paper and Leather
  • Index
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