Studies of Travel: Italy

Studies of Travel: Italy

By Edward Augustus Freeman
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Italy
  • Contents
    • Arezzo.
    • Cortona.
    • Perugia.
    • The Volumnian Tomb.
    • Præ-Franciscan Assisi.
    • Spello.
    • Veii.
    • Fidenæ.
    • Antemnæ.
    • Ostia.
    • The Alban Mount.
    • Cori.
    • Norba.
    • Segni.
  • Iter ad Brundisium.
    • I. Anagni.
    • II. Ferentino.
    • III. Alatri.
    • IV. From Alatri to Capua.
    • V. A Church by the Camp of Hannibal.
    • VI. A Glimpse of Samnium.
    • VII. Benevento.
    • VIII. Norman Buildings in Apulia.
    • IX. Bari.
  • INDEX.
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