The Joys of Being a Woman and other papers

The Joys of Being a Woman and other papers

By Winifred Kirkland
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Joys of Being a Woman AND OTHER PAPERS
  • FOREWORD The Ego in the Essay
  • I The Joys of Being a Woman
  • II A Man in the House
  • III Old-Clothes Sensations
  • IV Luggage and the Lady
  • V Detached Thoughts on Boarding
  • VI The Lady Alone at Night
  • VII In Sickness and in Health
  • VIII An Educational Fantasy
  • IX My Clothes
  • X The Tendency to Testify
  • XI Letters and Letter-Writers
  • XII The Tyranny of Talent
  • XIII The Woman Who Writes
  • XIV Picnic Pictures
  • XV The Farm Feminine
  • XVI A Little Girl and Her Grandmother
  • XVII The Wayfaring Woman
  • XVIII The Road That Talked
  • XIX My Mother’s Gardeners
  • XX My Little Town
  • XXI Genus Clericum
  • XXII Some Difficulties in Doing without Eternity
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