The Tithe-Proctor The Works of William Carleton, Volume Two

By William Carleton
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • CHAPTER I.—The Chapel Green of Esker Dearg.
  • CHAPTER II.—The Proctor's Principles and His Family.
  • CHAPTER III.—Mountain Legislation, and its Executive of Blood.
  • CHAPTER IV.—Mirth and Murder—A Tithe-Proctor's Office.
  • CHAPTER V.—A Hang-Choice Shot—The "Garrison" on Short Commons.
  • CHAPTER VI.—Unexpected Generosity—A False Alarm.
  • CHAPTER VII.—A Shoneen Magistrate Distributing Justice.
  • CHAPTER VIII.—An Unreformed Church
    • —The Value of Public Opinion—Be not Familiar with the Great
  • CHAPTER IX.—Sport in the Mountains.
  • CHAPTER X.—The Sport Continued.
  • CHAPTER XI.—The Sport Still Continued.
  • CHAPTER XII.—Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire.
  • CHAPTER XIII.—Strange Faces—Dare-Devil O'Driscol Aroused
  • CHAPTER XIV.—State of the Country
    • —O'Driscol rivals Falstaff—Who Buck English was supposed to be.
  • CHARTER XV.—Scene in a Parsonage—An Anti-Tithe Ringleader.
  • CHAPTER XVI.—Massacre of Carrickshock
  • CHAPTER XVII.—Midnight Court of Justice
    • —Sentence of the Proctor and His Sons.
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