A Journey to Ohio in 1810, as Recorded in the Journal of Margaret Van Horn Dwight

A Journey to Ohio in 1810, as Recorded in the Journal of Margaret Van Horn Dwight

By Margaret Van Horn Dwight
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Table of Contents
  • A Journey to Ohio in 1810
  • Milford Friday Eve. at Capt Pond's.
  • Sat. night, D. Nash's Inn. Middlesex-
  • Sunday eve—
  • October 22- Monday- Cook's inn— County West Chester—
  • Tuesday Noon- Ferry House near State Prison-
  • Hobuck, Wednesday Morn-Buskirck's Inn—
  • Springfield-New Jersey- Pierson's Inn-Wedy-PM 4 oclock-
  • Friday morn- Chester N J.
  • Mansfield-N J-Sat-morn October 27-
  • Pennsylvania- Saturday eve- 2 miles from Bethlehem- Hanover- Oct 27th
  • Sunday Morn-
  • Sunday eve- Sundown-
  • Monday morn-October 29-
  • Pennsylvania- Monday-eve- A Dutchman's inn- I dont know where. Palks County-or some thing like it—
  • Wednesday Octber 31st Highdleburg-Penn-
  • Wednesday Eve- Miller's town- Penn- Oct-31st
  • Harrisburg- P- Thursday- Eve-November-1st 1810-
  • Sunday eve- East pensboro' township- P-
  • 10 miles West of Carlisle- Penn-Monday Nov-5th-
  • Tuesday night- Nov-6th-
  • Jennyauter-P—Wednesday 2 oclock P M-between 2 brothers——
  • Fannitsburg- Penn- McAllen's Inn-Wednesday night- Nov- 6th-
  • Peach Orchard, P- Thursday night-Phelps' Tavern—
  • Sunday night.
  • Novbr-12th Monday night- Nail Shop-on the 4th Mountain
  • Tuesday eve- Nov- 13th- 4 miles east of Bedford- Penn-
  • Wednesday night. A private house-10 miles w- of Bedford
  • Thursday night— Allegany Mtn Nov- 16-
  • Friday night- Allegany Mtn—
  • Saturday eve-2 miles from Laurel Hill-Penn-
  • Sunday eve— Nov-19th— Foot of Laurel Hill—Penn—
  • Monday night- a mile west of the mountains-
  • Novbr 21st Tuesday Night-A mile from Greensburg-Penn-
  • Thursday Morn- Sewel's tavern-Versailes-township-
  • Nov-24- Friday morn- Turtle Creek-Penn-
  • Friday eve- 9 miles past Pitts'g- Penn-
  • Novbr 26- Saturday night- 3½ miles beyond Pittsburg-
  • Wednesday Nov- 28- 7 miles from Greersburg-Penn-
  • Wednesday eve—
  • Thursday eve-
  • Saturday- P M- Warren- After so long a time—
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