Dig Here!

Dig Here!

By Gladys Allen
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • I Aunt Cal
  • II Fishers Haven
  • III Craven House
  • IV Prisoners
  • V John Doe, Esquire
  • VI A Piece of Paper
  • VII Caliph
  • VIII A Scalp Lock
  • IX Daisy June and the Blue Emerald
  • X Where Is Circe?
  • XI Hamish on the Job
  • XII Over the Banister
  • XIII Harry’s Hair Restorer
  • XIV Sunday
  • XV Tracks in the Dust
  • XVI The Rescue
  • XVII Caught!
  • XVIII Dig Here!
  • XIX The Treasure
  • XX We Seek Legal Advice
  • XXI A Closed Door
  • XXII The Escape
  • XXIII A Belated Visit
  • XXIV It Fits!
  • XXV Gopher
  • XXVI The Unveiling
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