The Mystery of Jockey Hollow Arden Blake Mystery Series #2

The Mystery of Jockey Hollow Arden Blake Mystery Series #2

By Cleo Garis
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • CHAPTER I Fleeing in Alarm
  • CHAPTER II The Ghost Mansion
  • CHAPTER III Arden Wonders
  • CHAPTER IV Seeing the Dead
  • CHAPTER V Baffled
  • CHAPTER VI Introducing Granny
  • CHAPTER VII Trial by Jury
  • CHAPTER VIII The Ghost of Patience
  • CHAPTER IX A Warning
  • CHAPTER X The Missing Man
  • CHAPTER XI Callahan Collapses
  • CHAPTER XII A Strange Discovery
  • CHAPTER XIII Betty and the Books
  • CHAPTER XIV How Did It Happen?
  • CHAPTER XV Jim Doesn’t Know
  • CHAPTER XVI A Surprise
  • CHAPTER XVII Some Real Investigating
  • CHAPTER XVIII The Figure in Red
  • CHAPTER XIX Santa Claus
  • CHAPTER XX Harry Hears Something
  • CHAPTER XXI Rift in the Clouds
  • CHAPTER XXII Arden’s Idea
  • CHAPTER XXIII Mistletoe
  • CHAPTER XXIV A Strange Woman
  • CHAPTER XXV The Christmas Party
  • CHAPTER XXVI Two Ghosts
  • CHAPTER XXVII Frightened Screams
  • CHAPTER XXVIII Falling Stones
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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