Pablo de Segovia, the Spanish Sharper

Pablo de Segovia, the Spanish Sharper

By Francisco de Quevedo
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents.
    • QUEVEDO AND HIS WORKS: With an Essay on the Picaresque Novel.
  • BOOK I.
    • CHAP. I. Giving an Account of Who he is and Whence he Sprung.
    • CHAP. II. How I Went to School, and What Happened to me there.
    • CHAP. III. How I went to a Boarding School in quality of Servant to Don Diego Coronel.
    • CHAP. IV. Of my Convalescence, and Departure for the University of Alcalá de Henares.
    • CHAP. V. Of our entrance into Alcalá, of the Footing we had to pay, and the Tricks they played upon us.
    • CHAP. VI. Of the wicked old Housekeeper, and the first knavish pranks I played at Alcalá.
    • CHAP. VII. How I received news of my Father’s Death, parted from Don Diego, and what Course of Life I resolved on for the future
    • CHAP. VIII. My Journey from Alcalá to Segovia, and Happened by the way till I came to Rejas, where I lay that Night.
    • CHAP. IX. Of what Happened to me on the road to Madrid with a Poet.
    • CHAP. X. Of what I did at Madrid, and what Happened to me on my way to Cerecedilla, where I passed the Night.
    • CHAP. XI. The kind Entertainment I had at my Uncle’s, the Visits I received; how I recovered my Inheritance and returned to Madrid.
    • CHAP. XII. Of my flight from Segovia, with what Happened to me by the Way to Madrid.
    • CHAP. XIII. In which the Gentleman pursues his Journey, and his promised Tale of his Life and Condition.
  • BOOK II.
    • CHAP. I. Of what happened to me at my coming to Madrid as soon as I arrived there, until Nightfall.
    • CHAP. II. In which the same Subject is pursued, with other strange Incidents.
    • CHAP. III. The further Proceedings of this Sharping Gang, till they were thrown all together into Gaol.
    • CHAP. IV. In which the Prison is described and what happened therein, until the old Woman was whipped, my Companions exposed to Shame, and myself let out on Bail.
    • CHAP. V. How I took a Lodging, and the Misfortune that befel me therein.
    • CHAP. VI. In which the same Adventure is pursued, with various other Incidents.
    • CHAP. VII. In which the Story is continued, with other Incidents and notable Misfortunes.
    • CHAP. VIII. Of my Cure, and other Strange Things.
    • CHAP. IX. In which I turn Player, Poet, and Gallant of Nuns; which Characters are Daintily Painted.
    • CHAP. X. Of what happened to me at Seville, till I took Ship for the Indies.
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