The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain The Works of William Carleton, Volume One
William Carleton
Literature & Fiction
The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain The Works of William Carleton, Volume One
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CHAPTER I. A Mail-coach by Night, and a Bit of Moonshine.
CHAPTER II. The Town and its Inhabitants.
CHAPTER III. Pauden Gair's Receipt how to make a Bad Dinner a Good One
—The Stranger finds Fenton as mysterious as Himself.
CHAPTER IV. An Anonymous Letter
—Lucy Gourlay avows a previous Attachment.
CHAPTER V. Sir Thomas Gourlay fails in unmasking the Stranger
—Mysterious Conduct of Fenton
CHAPTER VI. Extraordinary Scene between Fenton and the Stranger.
CHAPTER VII. The Baronet attempts by Falsehood
The Baronet attempts by Falsehood to urge his Daughter into an Avowal of her Lover's Name.
CHAPTER VIII. The Fortune-Teller—An Equivocal Prediction.
CHAPTER IX. Candor and Dissimulation
CHAPTER X. A Family Dialogue—and a Secret nearly Discovered.
CHAPTER XI. The Stranger's Visit to Father MacMalum.
CHAPTER XII. Crackenfudge Outwitted by Fenton
—The Baronet, Enraged at His Daughter's Firmness, strikes Her.
CHAPTER XIII. The Stranger's Second Visit to Father M'Mahon
—Something like an Elopement.
CHAPTER XIV. Crackenfudge put upon a Wrong Scent
—Miss Gourlay takes Refuge with an Old Friend.
CHAPTER XV. Interview between Lady Gourlay and the Stranger
—Dandy Dulcimer makes a Discovery—The Stranger receives Mysterious Communications.
CHAPTER XVI. Conception and Perpetration of a Diabolical Plot against Fenton.
CHAPTER XVII. A Scene in Jemmy Trailcudgel's
—Retributive Justice, or the Robber robbed.
CHAPTER XVIII. Dunphy visits the County Wicklow
—Old Sam and his Wife.
CHAPTER XIX. Interview between Trailcudgel and the Stranger
—A Peep at Lord Dunroe and His Friend.
CHAPTER XX. Interview between Lords Cullamore, Dunroe, and Lady Emily
—Tom Norton's Aristocracy fails Him—His Reception by Lord Cullamore.
CHAPTER XXI. A Spy Rewarded
—Sir Thomas Gourlay Charged Home by the Stranger with the Removal and Disappearance of his Brother's Son.
CHAPTER XXII. Lucy at Summerfield Cottage.
CHAPTER XXIII. A Lunch in Summerfield Cottage.
CHAPTER XXIV. An Irish Watchhouse in the time of the "Charlies."
CHAPTER XXV. The Police Office
—Sir Spigot Sputter and Mr. Coke—An Unfortunate Translator—Decision in "a Law Case."
CHAPTER XXVI. The Priest Returns Sir Thomas's Money and Pistols
—A Bit of Controversy—A New Light Begins to Appear.
CHAPTER XXVII. Lucy calls upon Lady Gourlay, where she meets her Lover
Sir Thomas, who shams Illness, is too sharp for Mrs. Mainwaring, who visits Him—Affecting interview between Lucy and Lady Gourlay
CHAPTER XXVIII. Innocence and Affection overcome by Fraud and Hypocrisy
—Lucy yields at Last.
CHAPTER XXIX. Lord Dunroe's Affection for his Father
—Glimpse of a new Character—Lord Gullamore's Rebuke to his Son, who greatly refuses to give up his Friend.
CHAPTER XXX. A Courtship on Novel Principles.
CHAPTER XXXI. The Priest goes into Corbet's House very like a Thief
—a Sederunt, with a Bright look up for Mr. Gray.
CHAPTER XXXII. Discovery of the Baronet's Son
—Who, however, is Shelved for a Time.
CHAPTEK XXXIII. The Priest asks for a Loan of Fifty Guineas
—and Offers "Freney the Robber" as Security.
CHAPTER XXXIV. Young Gourlay's Affectionate Interview with His Father
—Risk of Strangulation—Movements of M'Bride.
CHAPTER XXXV. Lucy's Vain but Affecting Expostulation with her Father
—Her Terrible Denunciation of Ambrose Gray.
CHAPTER XXXVI. Contains a Variety of Matters
—Some to Laugh and some to Weep at.
CHAPTER XXXVII. Dandy's Visit to Summerfield Cottage
—Where he Makes a most Ungallant Mistake—Returns with Tidings of both Mrs. Norton and Fenton—and Generously Patronizes his Master
CHAPTER XXXVIII. An Unpleasant Disclosure to Dunroe
—Anthony Corbet gives Important Documents to the Stranger—Norton catches a Tartar.
CHAPTEE XXXIX. Fenton Recovered—The Mad-House
CHAPTER XL. Lady Gourlay sees her Son.
CHAPTER XLI. Denouement.
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