The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain The Works of William Carleton, Volume One

The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain The Works of William Carleton, Volume One

By William Carleton
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Table of Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • CHAPTER I. A Mail-coach by Night, and a Bit of Moonshine.
  • CHAPTER II. The Town and its Inhabitants.
  • CHAPTER III. Pauden Gair's Receipt how to make a Bad Dinner a Good One
    • —The Stranger finds Fenton as mysterious as Himself.
  • CHAPTER IV. An Anonymous Letter
    • —Lucy Gourlay avows a previous Attachment.
  • CHAPTER V. Sir Thomas Gourlay fails in unmasking the Stranger
    • —Mysterious Conduct of Fenton
  • CHAPTER VI. Extraordinary Scene between Fenton and the Stranger.
  • CHAPTER VII. The Baronet attempts by Falsehood
    • The Baronet attempts by Falsehood to urge his Daughter into an Avowal of her Lover's Name.
  • CHAPTER VIII. The Fortune-Teller—An Equivocal Prediction.
  • CHAPTER IX. Candor and Dissimulation
  • CHAPTER X. A Family Dialogue—and a Secret nearly Discovered.
  • CHAPTER XI. The Stranger's Visit to Father MacMalum.
  • CHAPTER XII. Crackenfudge Outwitted by Fenton
    • —The Baronet, Enraged at His Daughter's Firmness, strikes Her.
  • CHAPTER XIII. The Stranger's Second Visit to Father M'Mahon
    • —Something like an Elopement.
  • CHAPTER XIV. Crackenfudge put upon a Wrong Scent
    • —Miss Gourlay takes Refuge with an Old Friend.
  • CHAPTER XV. Interview between Lady Gourlay and the Stranger
    • —Dandy Dulcimer makes a Discovery—The Stranger receives Mysterious Communications.
  • CHAPTER XVI. Conception and Perpetration of a Diabolical Plot against Fenton.
  • CHAPTER XVII. A Scene in Jemmy Trailcudgel's
    • —Retributive Justice, or the Robber robbed.
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Dunphy visits the County Wicklow
    • —Old Sam and his Wife.
  • CHAPTER XIX. Interview between Trailcudgel and the Stranger
    • —A Peep at Lord Dunroe and His Friend.
  • CHAPTER XX. Interview between Lords Cullamore, Dunroe, and Lady Emily
    • —Tom Norton's Aristocracy fails Him—His Reception by Lord Cullamore.
  • CHAPTER XXI. A Spy Rewarded
    • —Sir Thomas Gourlay Charged Home by the Stranger with the Removal and Disappearance of his Brother's Son.
  • CHAPTER XXII. Lucy at Summerfield Cottage.
  • CHAPTER XXIII. A Lunch in Summerfield Cottage.
  • CHAPTER XXIV. An Irish Watchhouse in the time of the "Charlies."
  • CHAPTER XXV. The Police Office
    • —Sir Spigot Sputter and Mr. Coke—An Unfortunate Translator—Decision in "a Law Case."
  • CHAPTER XXVI. The Priest Returns Sir Thomas's Money and Pistols
    • —A Bit of Controversy—A New Light Begins to Appear.
  • CHAPTER XXVII. Lucy calls upon Lady Gourlay, where she meets her Lover
    • Sir Thomas, who shams Illness, is too sharp for Mrs. Mainwaring, who visits Him—Affecting interview between Lucy and Lady Gourlay
  • CHAPTER XXVIII. Innocence and Affection overcome by Fraud and Hypocrisy
    • —Lucy yields at Last.
  • CHAPTER XXIX. Lord Dunroe's Affection for his Father
    • —Glimpse of a new Character—Lord Gullamore's Rebuke to his Son, who greatly refuses to give up his Friend.
  • CHAPTER XXX. A Courtship on Novel Principles.
  • CHAPTER XXXI. The Priest goes into Corbet's House very like a Thief
    • —a Sederunt, with a Bright look up for Mr. Gray.
  • CHAPTER XXXII. Discovery of the Baronet's Son
    • —Who, however, is Shelved for a Time.
  • CHAPTEK XXXIII. The Priest asks for a Loan of Fifty Guineas
    • —and Offers "Freney the Robber" as Security.
  • CHAPTER XXXIV. Young Gourlay's Affectionate Interview with His Father
    • —Risk of Strangulation—Movements of M'Bride.
  • CHAPTER XXXV. Lucy's Vain but Affecting Expostulation with her Father
    • —Her Terrible Denunciation of Ambrose Gray.
  • CHAPTER XXXVI. Contains a Variety of Matters
    • —Some to Laugh and some to Weep at.
  • CHAPTER XXXVII. Dandy's Visit to Summerfield Cottage
    • —Where he Makes a most Ungallant Mistake—Returns with Tidings of both Mrs. Norton and Fenton—and Generously Patronizes his Master
  • CHAPTER XXXVIII. An Unpleasant Disclosure to Dunroe
    • —Anthony Corbet gives Important Documents to the Stranger—Norton catches a Tartar.
  • CHAPTEE XXXIX. Fenton Recovered—The Mad-House
  • CHAPTER XL. Lady Gourlay sees her Son.
  • CHAPTER XLI. Denouement.
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