The Boston Cooking-School Magazine (Vol. XV, No. 2, Aug.-Sept., 1910)

By Various
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Dishes for Automobile and Picnic Luncheons
  • Quaint Customs and Toothsome Dainties
  • Being Married
  • The Regeneration of Podunk
  • Fate
  • Out of Chicken Pie
  • In August
  • Old Age
  • Love and Affection
  • Three Girls go Blackberrying
  • A Romany Tent
  • Summer
  • A Lift for Every Day
  • Seasonable Recipes
    • Clam Broth, Chantilly Style
    • Bisque of Clams and Green Peas
    • Purée of Tomato, Julienne
    • Simple Tomato Bisque (Soup)
    • Jellied Bouillon (Two quarts)
    • Green Corn Chowder
    • Escalloped Oysters Finnelli (The Caterer)
    • Terrine of Chicken and Ham
    • Bologna Style Sausages with Pineapple Fritters
    • Cold Meat with Vegetable Salad
    • Vinaigrette Sauce
    • Chicken-and-Ham Rissoles
    • Cheese Salad
    • Plain Pastry
    • Flaky Paste
    • Pears Béatrice
    • Green Corn au Gratin in Ramekins
    • Kugelhopf Kuchen for Afternoon Tea
    • Peach Salad
    • Grape Juice Parfait
    • Watermelon Cones
    • Grape Juice Sherbet
  • Menus for a Week in August
  • Menus for a Week in September
  • Economical Menus for a Week in September
  • Rhymed Receipts for any Occasion
  • In Time of Vacation
  • The Task We Love
  • A Group of Choice Spanish and Mexican Recipes
    • Baked Tripe, Spanish
    • Chili Con Carne, Spanish
    • String Beans, Spanish
    • Spaghetti à la Mexicana
    • Rice, Spanish
    • Ice Cream à la Mexicana
    • Caramels à la Mexicana
  • The Nursery
  • Practical Home Dietetics
    • A Handy Laundry Bag
    • Assisting Memory
    • An Improvised Coat Closet
    • Pickles Without Heat
    • Rhubarb Sponge
    • Tempting a Delicate Child to Eat
    • Menu for Church Supper
    • Recipe for Pineapple Ice
  • Goin' to School
    • Blitz Kuchen
    • Blitz Kuchen
    • Rich, Dark-Colored Chocolate Ice Cream
    • Time Table for Cooking Vegetables
    • Time Table for Baking Meat and Fish
    • Time Table for Broiling Meat and Fish
    • Boiling Meat and Fish
    • Tomato (Aspic?) Jelly
    • Tomato Jelly, Macedoine Style, for Salad
    • Tomato Aspic
    • Good Flavored Cream of Corn Soup
    • Recipe for Cream of Corn Soup
    • Eggs Benedict
    • Hollandaise Sauce
    • Sponge Cake for Jelly Roll
    • Recipes for Sponge Cake for Jelly Roll
    • Bar-le-Duc Currants
    • Currants, Bar-le-Duc
    • Preserving Ginger Root
    • Mexican Tamales
    • Cheese Custard
    • Recipes for Crackers
    • Rum Omelet
    • Lady Baltimore Cake
    • Filling and Frosting
    • Peanut Cookies
    • Maple-Walnut Sundae
    • Rice with Bacon and Tomatoes
    • Peach Cordial
    • Angel Cake with Cornstarch
    • Squire's Luncheon Tongue
  • The Father
    • The Secret of It
    • How to Utilize Bacon Grease
    • The Evening Game
    • Grape Juice
    • Blackberry Muffins
    • Important Legal Decision
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