Faces in the Fire And Other Fancies

Faces in the Fire And Other Fancies

By Frank Boreham
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Faces in the Fire and other fancies
  • Contents
  • Part I
    • I. The baby among the bombshells
    • II. Strawberries and cream
    • III. The conquest of the crags
    • IV. Linoleum
    • V. The Editor
    • VI. The peacemaker
    • VII. Nothing
    • VIII. The angel and the iron gate
    • IX. Short cuts
  • Part II
    • I. The postman
    • II. Crying for the moon
    • III. Our lost romances
    • IV. A forbidden dish
    • V. An old maid’s diary
    • VI. The river
    • VII. Faces in the fire
    • VIII. The menace of the sunlit hill
    • IX. Among the icebergs
  • Part III
    • I. A box of tin soldiers
    • II. Love, music, and salad
    • III. The felling of the tree
    • IV. Spoil!
    • V. A philosophy of fancy-work
    • VI. A pair of boots
    • VII. Christmas bells
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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