Tom Swift in Captivity, Or, A Daring Escape By Airship

By Victor Appleton
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Tom Swift in Captivity
    • Chapter I A Strange Request
    • Chapter II The Circus Man
    • Chapter III Tom Will Go
    • Chapter IV "Look Out for my Rival!"
    • Chapter V Andy Foger Learns Something
    • Chapter VI Alarming News
    • Chapter VII Fire On Board
    • Chapter VIII A Narrow Escape
    • Chapter IX "Forward March!"
    • Chapter X A Wild Horse Stampede
    • Chapter XI Caught in a Living Rope
    • Chapter XII A Native Battle
    • Chapter XIII The Desertion
    • Chapter XIV In Giant Land
    • Chapter XV In the "Palace" of the King
    • Chapter XVI The Rival Circus Man
    • Chapter XVII Held Captives
    • Chapter XVIII Tom's Mysterious Box
    • Chapter XIX Weak Giants
    • Chapter XX The Lone Captive
    • Chapter XXI A Royal Conspiracy
    • Chapter XXII The Twin Giants
    • Chapter XXIII A Surprise in the Night
    • Chapter XXIV The Airship Flight
    • Chapter XXV Tom's Giant--Conclusion
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